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[5 Answers]
Dear friends,

I want a regular source of income from my investments.

Right now i have about 35-50lacs available for investment and i want to extract monthly profit of around 1%.

Can you guys suggest me any good ideas?

I am not in pakistan so i wont be able to work with this money. I would just be investing. If not 1% how much is the maximum profit i can gain?

Appreciate your response.

    760 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (3020 posts)
    You should explore purchasing PHA apartment in G-11. I dont know the exact price and rental value but I think it is close to your numbers.
      760 days ago 

      Abdul Qayyum
      (2029 posts)
      Property appreciation on plots is almost stalled on huge taxes and bad intentions of the rulers.
      On rental income, you cannot get more than 0.5% per month and even 0.5% per month is only on shops and offices NOT on residential.
      It is only possible with big bucks in VIP sectors of the capital where you can get rents in dollars but you need high money for that.
        759 days ago 

        Prop Guide
        (6961 posts)

        You can buy small flat in Bahria Town and the rent would be around 12 to 15K month.

        Or you can buy flat in E-11, the rent would be around 20K.

        PHA flats in G-11 are out of your budget.

          759 days ago 

          Shahzad khal..
          (25 posts)
          I have options in property if you are interested

          call or whatsapp on 03110011308 for details.
            733 days ago 

            (116 posts)
            I dont think any property can give u 1% return except Islamabad High end sectors where rental is in US $. Rest if u r lucky u may get away with 0.5%
              733 days ago 

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