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Kashif Ehsan
( 31 posts )

[3 Answers]
What are the prospects of faisal hills block a nowadays? Positives news are coming from the project?Can any body confirm?

    72 days ago In Buying Property
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    Sal Khan
    (35 posts)
    Extremely positive news are coming masha Allah. I heard the following:

    1. The work is already started on the entrance from main GT road. Their management is planning to hold a big ceremony in next couple of weeks. I heard that within one week they are going to do the ground breaking ceremony followed by a big ceremony in next couple of weeks. So big news indeed.

    2. Also heard that - Faisal town got the final NOC from RDA.

    I just heard these news, you can confirm further.

      72 days ago 

      (1 post)
      I recommend FMC instead of Faisal Hills due to following reasons

      1. Company own all land.

      2. NOC from already issued

      3. Fast development

      4. Near to GT road and Maragallal avenue

      5. In B17 and well developed multiple professional society.
        52 days ago 

        Syed azhar
        (49 posts)
        As per my knowledge development work in Faisal Hills is in full swing too. Carpeting work of Main Boulevard alongwtih structure work of bridges has been started. As far as distance from G.T Road is concerned, Faisal Hills is located just adjacent to G.T Road while they possess all the land on which they have made booking of plots.
          51 days ago 

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