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Tariq ghazi
( 29 posts )

[17 Answers]
Whats the future for bahria enclave? Is it wise to invest in it and if yes, then which sectors/plot size

    410 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Abdul Qayyum
    (2044 posts)

    Imtiaz Sb is right.

    Any system, good or bad, once pillars have been set, it is difficult to change!

    SC alone cannot accomplish anything big unless state machinery go through a fundamental change in thinking paradigm , which is not possible as both PPP and Noon secured their vested interests deep inside all state entities.
    It is impossible for Imran, SC and NAB to sack 50% of the currucurrupt lot sitting at higher benches.
    Even in NAB, these people exist!
      405 days ago 

      (1346 posts)
      Choosing either BT or DHA can be a personal preference. To my surprise in Islamabad BT gets a slight edge on pricing over DHA.

      Islamabad - All Phases of DHA vs All Phases of BT + BE (Plot/Land Only)

      - All Phases of DHA (avg. price of land/sq.ft) = PKR 3525/Sq.Ft. approx.

      - All Phases of BT + BE (avg. price of land/sq.ft) = PKR 3765/ Sq.Ft. approx.

      On average BT ISB is approximately PKR 240/sq. ft. expensive than DHA ISB.

      All Phases of DHA vs All Phases of BT + BE (10 M house)

      - All Phases of DHA (avg. price of 10 M house) = PKR 19 million approx.

      - BT = No Data Available (for average pricing)

      "If you have good money, go for DHA 2, or least DHA 5. That it."

      -- Well that can be a purely personal choice and must be respected. Its a human nature, when we have some investment and interests in a particular entity, our arguments gets biased and tilted towards our preferences, often compromising the neutrality on public forums. I had some investment in BT but sold off back in 2015 - I am trying my best to interpret it neutrally.

      BT & DHA both have established themselves as big brands. However, to me many a times BT beats DHA on. An answer on 'why BTs'

      - Location (in many cases)
      - Pricing (You can buy a possession plot in 1.9 million in Phase-8), something for everyone!
      - Likes of BE enjoy a much better locality than any of the DHAs could ever come across, as of now.

      yes, BT is a one man show as far as documentation is concerned. However, even in smallest of private limited companies there are investors and it's those investors who dictate the business terms. None of BT or DHA are govt. owned or co-operative housing societies as both are private one under then name of Bahria Town and other under Defense Housing.

      Yes, there are many factors that may give DHA edge on BT, for example:

      - The bank wouldn't provide you loan against your property documents of BT, as of now.

      As I said earlier, its a matter of personal preferences. I do stand corrected, in case I may have missed any vital information.

      " Dont think for few years, but for atleast 20/30 years, for your kids"

      If its a 20+ years game, BT & DHA cant beat CDA. I conclude with an interesting news at link below.

      اسلام آباد کے مہنگے ترین علاقے سیکٹر ای 7 میں دو کنال کا پلاٹ انہوں نے 33 برس قبل 48 ہزار روپے میں خریدا تھا۔ ان کے مطابق اب اس کی قیمت 20 سے 25 کروڑ روپے کے لگ بھگ ہے۔
        405 days ago 

        Abdul Qayyum
        (2044 posts)
        There seems confusion when people ask/reply about buying/selling/holding property!

        There are 3 distinct buyers profiles in buying property:

        **Some people want to have a place where they live with the best facilities money can buy. These people do not give much thought of later selling.

        **some buyers want to buy only for earning profit, they would see future trends, transient appreciation ,they sell and buy at diffent place for the same intention.

        ** Other want a place where both living standard plus appreciation could be expected.

        No doubt CDA is best as no chance of loss but for Nice living and civic amenities, CDA is no match to DHA/BT.

        For example just think of a single family walk in G-series CDA sectors post midnight?

        In DHA/BT , it is considered as norm.
        When we talk of CDA, there is CDA for ultra rich and there is CDA for well to do investors: for later class, comparison to other societies becomes a very different topic.
        Drinking water, safety, trash collection...a long list can be produced when it comes placing CDA life beside DHA/BT.
          405 days ago 

          (1346 posts)
          The original post was mainly a comparison between DHA vs BT. CDA only came in at the very last, not for the sake of comparison but regarding an answer to 20/30 years wait thing.

          There is no doubt that lifestyle etc. But that comes on a monthly payments under civic amenities & maintenance. CDA standard not match-able to BT/DHA for sure but to travel to many of BTs/DHAs can be torture if done more frequently in even an average traffic. Moreover, BT/DHA can put you in a litigation even after the plot allotted and as recently even the constructed units.
            405 days ago 

            Tariq ghazi
            (29 posts)
            Thanx all for the honest opinions. Actually, the post was to get the wisdom on whether to invest at this time in bahria enclave or not? The querry is in light of ongoing case of BT in supreme court.
              405 days ago 

              Abdul Qayyum
              (2044 posts)
              Yes Imtiaz Sb.

              As I said before, one of the main attractions of capital is public transport and federal schools/Unis.

              Regarding taxes/maintenance, I think few 1000s must not hurt for the services offered in DHA/BT.

              Plus in DHA/BT, no govt taxes whereas in CDA there are property taxes which almost break even with DHA/BT.

              But being capital, Islamabad will have an edge even with poor upkeep!
                405 days ago 

                Iraash Malek
                (4 posts)
                Dear friends.

                I have a corner 12 Marla house in Bahria Enclave Sector A, with gas, 02 gates with 04 cars parking and 03 Marla extra land. I want to sell it. If someone is interested with a genuine price, Pl speak with me. It is going to sell it on market price value and not on investors price.

                I am not a realtor nor businessman. And also I am not selling it for reasons as discussed in earlier threads. To me BE has a great future and it is going to flourish. I am selling as I am thinking of settling in Lahore.
                I am reachable on 03315553331.

                Best Regards
                  403 days ago 

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