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[6 Answers]
dha, fazai, how much this city have potential for bigger projects? Plus locality of both societies which one better?

    1899 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    (3020 posts)
    Gujranwala Chapter of DHA Lahore and Magnolia Park are good choices. From investment point of view Canal View Housing Society is also good. It is on Upper Chenab Canal near Wapda Town and Faisal Colony. Decent location.
      1899 days ago 

      (145 posts)
      What do u think about garden town??
        1898 days ago 

        Zia Chohan
        (7 posts)
        Gujranwala is industrial city and has kind of ring road surrounding of the city which connect to other nearest cities. The people are living near CHAN DA QILA which is south side of city they are very much near to Lahore Air port. It takes almost same time to get to Lahore Airport from CHAN DA QILA or Bahria Town Multan Road to Lahore Airport. Further, there is new food street which attract to other cities of people to come for night out in Gujranwala. These are the attractions appeal to the people of other cities to come in Gujranwala. This area belongs to famous Wapda Town, Canal view, Citi housing and G Magnolia park.

        Other side of city is also attractive because all main offices and Universities (Gift University, Punjab University, Medical College construction is ongoing and beacon house school attract to the north side of the city. DHA, DC Colony, Garden Twon, Fazaia Housing, Shalimar Town belongs to this side.

        I have explained you both side so it is your decision which society will be best for investment in future.
          1897 days ago 

          (48 posts)
          Why DHA Gujranwala rates are low
            1890 days ago 

            (158 posts)
            What are the opinions about Fazaia gujranwala ?

            location wise ? investment wise ?

            and what is its current status of development and rates ?
              1889 days ago 

              Hassan Basra
              (31 posts)

              fazaia gujranwala rates are below

              Fazaia gujranwala

              5 marla 1599000

              Down payment 319800

              12 instalments in 3 years 106600

              10 marla 3050000

              Down payment 6010000

              203333 instalments in 3 years quarterly

              1 kanal for 5850000

              Down payment 1170000

              12 instalments in 3 years 390000 every 3 months

              hassan basra

                1816 days ago 

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