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Razwan Moham..
( 3 posts )

[6 Answers]
I am living in england and want to buy two 5 marla plots and would like some advice for the best possible destination, area and rental returns or growth in 1-3 years;

What do you think of gwadar, lahore or islamabad and why?

    603 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (144 posts)
    Sir, buy one in Gawader naval anchorage and one in I-16 Islamabad near new airport.
      602 days ago 

      (29 posts)
      Dear Naeem,

      what are current prices for Gawader naval anchorage?

      and how we can buy while living abroad?
        592 days ago 

        Ahsan Bhatti
        (82 posts)
        In Lahore, go for DHA 9 Town. Ready to construct 5 Marla plot is around 55- 60 lac.

        Hisham Ashraf

        Real Estate Consultant, DHA Lahore

        0300 4111131
          592 days ago 

          Ahsan Bhatti
          (82 posts)
          For Lahore you can also Consider State life housing Society,located near Ring road & DHA. 5 Marla plots are available in price array of 25 -30 lac (not ready to build):

          40-45 lac (ready to build)

          65 to 70 lac (ready to build)

          Expected rent for 5 Marla house is 35-40 thousand per month at 10℅ increase/ anum.

          Hisham Ashraf

          Real Estate Consultant, DHA Lahore

          0300 4111131
            592 days ago 

            Muhammad Ibr..
            (25 posts)
            Whispering Pines- Margalla Hills Islamabad

            2 bed apartment 1100 sq.ft for sale

            A very sound opportunity for investment

            beautiful surrounding Peaceful Envirnoment

            Furnished appartments

            Rental value 35-k per month & rent will be paid monthly

            Rent agreement will be on early basis with the company

            Total Price 55 lac

            for more detail Contact

            Muhammad Ibrahim


            Rahmat Enterprises
              589 days ago 

              Umer Shahzad
              (18 posts)
              Dear Razwan,

              I'd advice going for Phase 9 prism in Lahore, or 9 town in Lahore. 9 town has possession whereas prism is under development. The price range is 35-45 in Prism and 55-65 in 9 town. For further information contact me at 03208484630.



              Managing partner at Imlaak
                582 days ago 

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