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Assad Muhamm..
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I have invested 40 million in national savings. I am getting a profit of 390000 per month i.E. 11.5 % per annum. Of course it is safe and hassle free. Should i redirect my money to property to get approx same profits or i can earn more/less? What is ur opinion? Gurus plz comment. I know many people argue about profits(aka sood) earned through ns schemes but for me i am scared to loose/stuck my money in property. Before corona i was working to divert the money to some cda property but i am confused if i should go ahead in present situation.

    22 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (1656 posts)
    NS is consistent, hassle free and lower end return in terms of percentage - thats how it is designed to be risk free, less gains. Keeping the interested factor aside as an individual choice to go for that or not!

    RE purchase time is good for end-buyers buyers. As I said few months back and reiterate some of the CDA sectors are lucrative but keeping in mind 2+ years. That as per my view will accumulate better than 11% per anum for sure. Let me put things in numerical perspective, i.e., before economic meltdown, I-series (14/15/16) in first half of 2018 (Jan to Jun 2018) saw an appreciation of upto 30% but since than there is less movement.

    If you wanna go ahead, I-12/15/16/14, E-12, I-11 should be the pick in same order of preference as they are bound to rise. Try to go for category plot that is boulevard, corner etc. they may be a bit expensive but as Sector grows they are easier to sell and since there are limited to demand-supply principle applies when Sector is getting developed.

    The trick is to buy in right sectors at right deal!

    However, keep an eye till end June or early July if USD give PKR another bloodbath as we can see a hint today (this one applies to Foreign Currency vs Real Estate in PAK).

      22 days ago 

      (722 posts)
      I personally do not invest in interest-based schemes nor promote it, so my pick would be obvious. But in this time of termoil, when it is hard to say which way wind will blow, it is better to keep your assets as liquid as possible and for that Gold, foreign currency, interest-free saving schemes all are good options.

      If you absolutely do not need these 40 million for next 2-3 years, then you can pick properties as bro Imtiaz and others suggest. This time it is buyer's market. Prices are stable and demand is very low. You can close a deal with complete peace and calm without rushing it.

      I don't know if this will remain the same once COVID emergency ends. Because there are 2 very attractive schemes (Construction Package and CGT reduction) and hidden amnesty within these that can dramatically turn the market.

        22 days ago 

        (414 posts)

        As per expert articles in BBC recently on the world economy,(as our property sector is much connected to overseas), The international economy will bounce back in early or in the mid of 2021 because by that time some vaccine may have been invented for the Chinese or Wuhan Virus....

        National saving or sood or whatever it is called:

        You get normally 50 to 60% of your total investment in national saving in 5 years period..... Pakistani ruppee gets devalued 10% on the AVERAGE annually.... at the end of the day you got nothing out of National saving but you just maintained the value of your ruppee.......

        Commercial property investment:

        If you invest the said amount in a small commercial plaza, even if it is a single marla in size, and it must be at good location, then you will get an annual return of 5 to 7% in the form of rent.... & it is very likely as per my life experience that the growth of commercial unit is almost 100% in five years period.....

        This is what i knew to the best of my knowledge and belief.
        May Allah guide and protect all of us.....
          21 days ago 

          M asif
          (34 posts)
          Excellent analysis by the gurus. Regardless of the argument whether NS income is halal or haram,I believe we should try to keep ourselves away from anything which seems doubtful.Purely a personal opinion.

          Gurus can you highlight which are the top picks for purchasing a commercial plot during next one year, to build a plaza in coming few years keeping in view the capital returns and future rental income.
            21 days ago 

            Bilal Awan
            (10 posts)
            Dealing in Riba is a major sin and is mentioned in the Quran

            “but whoever returns (to Riba), such are the dwellers of the Fire — they will abide therein”

            [al-Baqarah 2:275]

            “And if you do not do it, then take a notice of war from Allaah and His Messenger”

            [al-Baqarah 2:279]
              21 days ago 

              Bilal Awan
              (10 posts)
              Just reminding myself and all my brothers in Islam.
                21 days ago 

                (1656 posts)
                I am no expert on commercials, so my two-cents:

                Commercial can be in multi-billions or just few millions, it depends on how deep one's pocket are.

                - Generally CDA commercial sells well and get better ROI. Its been debated N times. New Blue Area may be worth investing and I wrote about that on a thread in recent past:

                "Is the new blue area worth investing in?"


                - Rest, if one is into shops sort commercial probably best picks could be Gulberg, Top City and Private Approved Societies adjacent to I-14 to 16 sectors. Time is not the best as far as ROI but hoping things will improve once pandemic stuff start to eradicate.
                  21 days ago 

                  (456 posts)
                  The main difference between NS and real estate would be of freedom to liquidate in property as compared to unfavourable fixed deposit terms’,

                  High risk high reward, a your 40 million in intelligently bought commercial can double in next 3-4 years, which I guess would be twice of what you would get by NS.
                    21 days ago 

                    Bilal Awan
                    (10 posts)
                    How do people get profit out of the construction of a house?

                    For example, if one

                    - buys a 30x60 plot in Faisal Town Block A or similarly populated society for around 50 to 55 Lac

                    - constructs a double story house for around 84 lac at estimated 3000 per sqft construction cost for a 2800 sqft coverage.

                    - pays CGT at the rate of 10%.

                    After all these costs he has already crossed the line of 15 million which is the market selling price point at the moment?
                      21 days ago 

                      (1656 posts)
                      For Commercial property investors:

                      Capital Smart City is about to launch 2.5 Marla Commercial in Harmony Park Block (low cost block). Though not confirmed but it is supposed to be in the range of 40 to 45 lakh (on installments) with total of about 200 plots!

                      Residential plots of 3.5 Marla sold well and quick here so it seems to have potential. Will too much mini commercial will devalue it? - only time can tell. A mistake that BT and Gulberg have done repeatedly in Phase 7/8 and Greens
                        20 days ago 

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