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[7 Answers]
What is the best and secure option for investment in islamabad for 1-2 years. My consideration are buying two plots in cda sectors, 1 in i-14 for 45-50 lac and 2nd is i-11, 25x40 plot in 50-55 lac. What you guys suggest. And what other secure options i can check.

    584 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (2053 posts)
    There are many options but as far as proper CDA sectors only. Following is my pick.

    - I-15, E-12, I-12 (3+ yrs investment)

    - I-14, I-16 (short term investment and long term liveability)
      584 days ago 

      (882 posts)
      Go for undeveloped area where price already corrected if you want to invest in not buy where prices are high artifically.
        583 days ago 

        Abdul Qayyum
        (2429 posts)
        Apart from CDA sectors, buy a one kanal in BT phase-8 in P or any other possession plot near RRR.
          583 days ago 

          (198 posts)
          So is this the right time for purchasing or should wait for some time may be 2-3 months, as there is so much uncertainty in market.
            581 days ago 

            (730 posts)
            I would park 50 lac in National Savings. 25 lac in Gold and 25 lac in dollars.

            Already struggling property market is headed for a collapse. It is written all over the wall. With such high prices, no Chinese businessman will come here and start any business. So this will be done to pave the way for foreign investments to come-in to Pakistan.

            Clearly, government doesn't care about property market at all. They are doing anything and everything just to bring-in foreign investments.
              578 days ago 

              Mr. Bilal
              (10 posts)
              You can get upto 20 percent return on investment, with our project,

              for details,

              call : 03037774593
                575 days ago 

                Muhammad sai..
                (39 posts)

                National Savings?
                  570 days ago 

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