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[No answer]
I was just wondering, many people especially expatriates struggle to get a concluding recommendation here for buying a specific property and remain confused and reluctant to take a decision for obvious reasons (political, economic and safety concerns).

But at the same time, we all need to and are willing to take pragmatic and rational risks. I think more or less all properties of Islamabad have been discussed on this forum with details on their positive and down sides and understandably there is nothing which can make u a billionaire overnight.

However we definitely need to conclude these scattered discussions and wrap up before we come back to the same stage after six months with a different political and economic climate.

So dear property gurus, here's the million dollar question :)

How and where do you think an investor should spend their

2 million - 4 million
4 million - 6 million
6 million - 8 million
10 million - 12 million

I would expect genuine and honest recommendations and not based on any personal preference or prejudice. Detailing them with plot sizes and approx. Prices would be even better.

Suggestions on a portfolio of investment (buying smaller plots at different locations) would be just great.


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