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[3 Answers]
There are many societies around Islamabad which are illegal. On CDA's website it is mentioned that these are illegal but people investing there, prices are going up in those societies and people are living there and new constructions are also under way.

Is CDA ever going to take any action against this?

    3179 days ago In Investors Advice
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    Syed Ibrhaim
    (1435 posts)
    Capital Development Authority (CDA) has warned the citizens against buying plots from unauthorized private housing societies in zone II, V and E-11 of the capital.

    But the point is why CDA is that weak or corrupt that they are not taking actions against illegal societies. Only warnings are not enough and one day it will be out of control just like G-12
      3179 days ago 

      (156 posts)
      CDA is going bankrupt! And it's already a failed organization so don't expect anything from CDA
        3178 days ago 

        (765 posts)
        CDA needs to be split up into 3/4 parts, to improve its perform, secondly the chairman of CDA should be appointed for 5 year period and accountable only to the CDA Board. The PM should not have the right to appoint and remove him at his discretion. The powers of the PM also need to be cut.
          3173 days ago 

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