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Arshad Khan
( 127 posts )

[8 Answers]
Dear forum members,
I’m an overseas pakistani and seeking advice regarding a small investment. Is it a better to buy a 5 marla plot in i-16 and leave it for a year or two. Or you would recommend any other better options than i-16. Thanks in advance

    183 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (282 posts)
    I dont say I-16 is an exceptional option but its a good option. Nothing wrong with 5 marla.
      183 days ago 

      Danish Broth..
      (220 posts)
      DEAR Mr.Arshad,

      i-16 is better for long term investment as development of the sector is slow.I will recommend Bahria town phase 8 where you can puchase 5 marla plot in 25 to 30 lac same Rates as i-16.However if you construct on the plot and sell it you easily Earn profit of 15 to 20 lac in 6 to 8 Months.

        183 days ago 

        (133 posts)
        Only for long term investment, consider I-16. You can buy 5 marla in Faisal Town C block
          182 days ago 

          (1277 posts)
          Arshad sb,

          as you have mentioned a window of 1 - 2 years. Considering the fact that now the real estate market is down and 2019 doesn't seem much progressive as things stand now. Importantly it is a time to buy, in any good project as for sure in 1 - 2 years time frame things (as predicted) will improve and hopefully flourish.

          At this time, important factors are shortlisting the projects that have good development pace within that project or some external infrastructure developments. As those two factors help to escalate the prices.

          In ISB some of the promising project seem to be
          - I-series CDA sectors (I-12, 14, 15, 16)
          - Gulberg Residencia,
          - B-17
          - BT Phase 8,
          - Developing Projects Near RRR (FOECHS, CBR-2, UPcountry etc.)
          - Developing Projects Near ,New Airport/Fateh Jhang Area (Graceland Housing, ICHS etc.).

          Since you have asked specifically about I-16. CDA property is like a brand, fortunately or unfortunately.

          - Plus of I-16: Developed Sector with Gas, Electricity, Water and with full possession, PHA Apartments at completion stages and recently CDA has approved budget for carpeting of link road from I-14 to I-15 to I-16. The work will commence this month or next with a min expected jump of 2 - 3 lac (strongly expected but not guaranteed). Potential beneficiary of RRR. I-16/2 lots of families are already living there with ongoing construction in 16/2 and 16/4

          - Negatives of I-16: Broken Roads, Overhead Electricity Pols, CDA's slow pace of development, wait for 2+ years for more return and suitability for personal living.

          I will simply copy paste some of the points that I typed about an year ago on I-16. They may help to answer your question.

          Copy-pasted earlier post as below.
          I-series CDA sectors are more affordable than the others with an exception of I-18.

          I-14 vs I-16
          I-14 is nearer to GT road and is getting populated. For end buyer its good but the prices have jumped significantly so from the investment point of view, I believe I-16 can yield better results. Here is why...

          - Sector Layout
          If you look through google maps, I-16 is a perfect squared shape sector that has been the layout of the proper CDA sectors. Whereas I-14 is irregular. Squared shape sectors somehow evenly divide 4 sub-sectors with Markaz in centre and better management and maintenance of the sector compared to irregular ones. 16/2 is getting populated at a decent pace.

          - Civic Amenities
          Gas and Electricity are already available with good underground water as of now, whereas CDA has already started working on the water supply or probably already done by CDA. Not sure if I-14 has Gas connections, as of now.

          - Neighborhood
          I-16 is connected to 3 fast developing societies at 3 - 5 minutes drive that include FOECS, CBR-2 and Upcountry. For example, Upcountry has signed MoUs with Nayatel, and best school systems in ISB. These education, health and other services, if I-16 cannot have, I-16 will still be able to have them based in nearby fast developing societies.

          - Link from I-14 to I-16
          CDA has floated the tender earlier this year for the rehabilitation of link road from I-14 to I-16. There is already a proper road but that needs maintenance and upgrade. CDA ensures such up-gradation but only once sector is largely populated to avoid wear and tear of roads during house construction. Upgraded link is also needed to boost I-15 which is between 14 and 16 and CDA is planning to develop it sooner.

          - Access from Mainstream City
          CBR-2 that is adjacent to I-16 is in process of getting a direct connection from Thalian Interchange. Whenever that happens, I-16 will be just a few km drives from the Thalian Interchange, New Airport and the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, there were talks between CDA and NHA to given access to I-16/15/14 from Kashmir Highway through H-16 sector that has been reserved for the Central Jail. In worst scenario it already has the access from Motorway to I-14 to I-16 and takes about 25 minutes from Zero-point to I-16.

          - I-17 as a Medical City
          I-17 has been approved by the CDA to be a medical city with teaching hospital and university run by NUMS (military based institute) that will boost I-16.

          - PHA flats
          PHA flats in 16/3 will boost I-16 as they are being constructed by PHA (ministry of housing) so they will only become attractive once infrastructure, facilities, access and quality of life is improved.
            182 days ago 

            (129 posts)
            If Budget is not a issue check Dha phase 3 Possession plots in Sector A

            5.33 marla for 43-45 Lakhs. Nothing can be better ,Safe , secured investment then DHA.Ready to construct plots
              182 days ago 

              Arshad Khan
              (127 posts)
              Thanks to all - your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated
                182 days ago 

                (162 posts)
                What is the best sector in I-16 and what are the rates of 5 and 8 Marla plots?
                  180 days ago 

                  (1277 posts)
                  - 16/2 is most populated with slightly higher prices and families living there.

                  -16/4 has better pricing and nearer to sector entrance and some part closest to Markaz with few houses constructed.

                  -16/3 has PHA flats nearing to completion.

                  -16/2 & 16/4 are better than others. As a personal preference 16/4 is better as of now (pricing and location) but 16/2 is much more populated.

                  You can view that on Google Maps and by zooming into Google Maps and clicking the area can show you exact plot number on Google Maps.

                  Plots are in size 5 & 7 Marlas. 5 Marla's on avg. From 32 lac to 45 lac with possession and Gas, Electricity available.
                    180 days ago 

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