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Sheikh Abdul..
( 1750 posts )

[8 Answers]
Are Farm houses worth it in gulberg? I heard they are ideal short term investments?

Any Expert Opinions?

    2388 days ago In Buying Property
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    Real Estate ..
    (1046 posts)

    If you are talking about gulberg lahore, then owning a farm house in this locality is undoubtedly a good investment., as gulberg is a posh area, located almost in the centre of lahore.

    If you are talking about gulberg islamabad, then the capital city has a potential of providing reasonable business prospects. So, in my opinion both localities, i.E. Gulberg lahore and gulberg islamabad are worth considering.

    Zain nadeem
      2388 days ago 

      Shehryar Qur..
      (150 posts)
      Hi abdul,
      Surely having a farm house in gulberg lahore would be a fruitful investment as you would be connected to many popular localities circling gulberg like mall road, defence, model town etc.

        2388 days ago 

        (564 posts)
        Invest in any of bahria town projects.These projects are providing best returns on your investment, these days.Select developed areas with good location.
          2386 days ago 

          (3020 posts)
          Abdul is asking about farmhouse scheme in gulberg islamabad. Gulberg is a very new real estate development with plots and farmhouses.
          Gulberg lahore is totally different and there is no farmhouse scheme in gulberg lahore. It had large house plots of 5-6 kanals and in the 60s; 70s and 80s, gulberg was the most posh area to live in. Now it has become a commercial centre and not good for living; previously rich elite who lived in gulberg lahore are moving to the new posh localities like dha, eme, bahria etc. Large plots in gulberg lahore are getting divided and commercialized.
          But nothing like a farmhouse scheme in gulberg lahore.
            2386 days ago 

            (248 posts)
            I like pk1 comments. I think these kind of advises are very healthy/naik/helpfull rather than just writing and firing in the dark!
              2385 days ago 

              Sheikh Abdul..
              (1750 posts)
              My fault, i should have a made it clear about which gulberg. I meant the gulberg, islamabad near jkchs as pk1 mentioned its a new project, which prices seem to rise rapidly. I remember when prices for farmhouses were on 30-50lakhs and now you cant get anything cheaper than 100lakhs.
                2384 days ago 

                (45 posts)
                Lahore gulberg is best.
                But islamabad gulberg is a fraud scheme.
                Co. Repute is bad,
                  2384 days ago 

                  (3 posts)
                  Hi sameer,

                  Would you like to elaborate why it's a fraud scheme?

                    2384 days ago 

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