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Muhammad Waq..
( 11 posts )

[5 Answers]
Hi all,
First of all i want to thank you all and specially imtiaz sb for answering my previous questions.
Now i want your advice that where should i buy a plot to built a house in islamabad. I will be building my house in next two years inshaallah.
So my budget is around 5.5 million and i want a 7 marla plot. I am confused between d17, f17 and gulberg. So please advice me where should i buy as i dont have enough knowledge.
Thanks in advance.

    11 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Muhammad Waq..
    (11 posts)

    I would really appreciate if you guys could help me out
      10 days ago 

      (421 posts)
      Dear Brother,

      If you want to go for better life style and good overall environment go for the following options:

      1- Bahria Enclave Sector N 8 Marla.

      2- Bahria Town Phase 8 (Sector G, J, L, AbuBakr, Usman Block)

      Advantages: NO load sheding, Better provision of utilities.

      Dis-Advantages: Commute time to City Area IS 20-30 Km, Comparatively low gradual increase in property value.

      If you want to live near main City and need an average life Style go for the following:

      1- I-14

      2- I-16

      Advantage: Better gradual increase in property value over years, Less commute time to main city.

      Dis Advantages: Average facilities and Utilities.

      Stay Away from other societies as they might prove bit risky specially if you want to construct home and live there long term.


        10 days ago 

        Abdul Qayyum
        (2092 posts)
        Dear Mohammad

        If you have Uni or school going kids then being near Education, if it has to be in capital, sector H may be ideal for you. But your budget 5.5 mil is not enough to buy you a plot in G11, G14 or G13.

        I series sectors, you can buy but then it would be Pindi and facilities are much less than aesthetic places like DHA and Bahria.

        In bahria, overseas may good as it is turning into a nice and expensive place but again your funds are less too!

        Now there are two places left in balance: DHA3 or DHA3, you can buy on Installments, start making house while still paying Installments.

        If not DHA3 then only one option....gulberg for you in your budget, sir. You will be right on Islamabad highway and near to the capital and on your address, Islamabad will show up, too.
          10 days ago 

          (1656 posts)
          Further to Kahlid and AQ sb valuabale suggestions... My pick in 5.5 m for 7 Marla will go to

          -- Enclave Sector N (it would need at-least 60 for developed plot of 8 Marla as N dont have 7 Marla)

          -- Gulberg Residencia

          Residencia is not as much populated as of now like Enclave but its future seem to be far progressive, more growth and best location than any of the projects in that price bracket!
            10 days ago 

            Mubeen Malik
            (5 posts)
            To live in Enclave you will need to commute daily for kilometers. Factor that in your calculations.
              10 hours ago 

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