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Jamshaid qur..
( 1 post )

[8 Answers]
I am looking for a suggestions to purchase a apartment any experts can tell me. Share your valuable thoughts please.

    23 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Hasham Naqvi
    (41 posts)
    Brother Jamshaid, in which city do you wish to buy an apartment and what is your budget? Can you tell me about your specifications like how big of an apartment do you need? How many bedrooms? If you are not comfortable on higher floors? It will be wise to determine your specification in advance as it will help you narrow down your options.
      23 days ago 

      Saad Qureshi
      (9 posts)
      I want to purchase an apartment on installments in gulberg green,islamabad.Budget is 30 to 35lakh.Size should be around 500 to 574 sq feet,1 bed.Floor should be first most.
      Please suggest me which location is best for apartments in terms of monetary gain and value.
      Below are some locations which i choose.

      1: gulberg green area,near chaye khana

      2: d-8 heights or rabi center.

      Please suggest me if you have any other good options and suggestions.Feel free to comment.

        23 days ago 

        (438 posts)
        Dear Saad,

        Go for Gulberg Emporium Mall next to Chaye Khana, in business square. I m not sure about current prices but the project enjoys good location and its almost near to completion. If you get something from end buyer in resale it will save lot of bucks.

        My Picks from your options are (ascending order):

        1- Gulberg Business Square (Go for Gulberg Greens only)

        2- J7 B-17 Islamabad

        3- D8 Islamabad

        Also, one important factor you need to keep in mind, Apartments are good for rental returns or personal living. If you expecting better gains after some time that will not be the case.

        If you need gains go for land not apartment.
          18 days ago 

          (51 posts)
          Dear Khalid bhai,

          What do your suggest, in comparison to apartment and plot on installment, shop on installment is a better option in terms of monthly rent after possession and capital value gain together ?

          I fact I am interested and gathering information to book a shop in under construction mall/plaza in Gulberg D markaz.

          Will appreciate your analysis.
            17 days ago 

            (438 posts)
            Dear brother,

            In terms of ROI, the following options should be taken.

            1. Plot: Better returns, can construct to live or get rent. Save investment.

            2. Shop: Better returns, no maintenance issues, good rent and moderate appreciation in value.

            3. Do not expect high returns on selling, good rentals but maintenance cost as well.

            So my pick would be plot or shop.

            Go for on ground tangible shop which is rented already. Do not live in dreams that project will be completed in three years and then you get it rented to any brand on high rentals. Live in reality, take only physical existence shop.

            Plot is ever green investment, if rightly chosen it will give you better returns and you always can construct your home in future.

            Apartment is good for getting good rental income but I have not seen any significant appreciation in its value.
              10 days ago 

              Nadeem Ahmed
              (4373 posts)
              Good explanation by Khalid sab.

              Well said

                10 days ago 

                Abdul Qayyum
                (2132 posts)
                Yes, Khalid sb comment is good explanation.
                House/flat is liability and plot an investment but as we stand plot return is far sighted in most of the twin cities developments.
                Regarding gulberg plots, although price appreciation happened but almost in every block there are full blown villages around. This area belongs to Khokhars and they will never take out their fingers from gulberg. IB will always have difficulties in possessing land. Plots are expensive but you never miss broken roads all around in residentia. Villages will never be vacated in near future.
                Gulberg is hesitant and slow to develop as possession money demand will jump up as they make nice roads.
                For small investors, still ghaouri town seems better as prices are very low, beyond block 7 and no power connections from WAPDA but around 5 lac solar and couple of quality batteries (25K a piece) is the answer.
                Gas ko glolee maro, gas cylinders available.
                Several friends ask me with small money buyouts. I think for very small investments, this option to be explored as it is much better than Pindi muhalla abadees. Roads are good and motoralbes. Drilling water more than 250 feet now but when Rawal dam full, water bed improves.
                Bahria town small residential investment possible but bahria construction laws are murderous!
                  10 days ago 

                  (1697 posts)
                  True AQ sb,

                  just to add: Gulberg (IBECHS) like any other cooperative society will be dead slow in land acquisition and development. The only slow thing than a Cooperative Housing Societies is, well you guessed that right, CDA!! However, just check almost every second guy in power corridors having a Farm House in GG and land will be acquired sooner or later. The slow pace of GR is more due to continuous expansion of it and that too at prime locations.

                  Between developed and non-developed blocks of GR, there lies comercial worth billions and GR is not gonna let that go in vain for that long! If we consider many private projects and their stalled parts/litigations/overselling including BT across PAK, Gulberg still did decent enough!

                  Just check where does BT Ext. DH Valley, City, BE Sectors O, P etc. etc. stand after a decade compared to Gulberg!

                  Ghauri Town was a Gold Mine until 3 years back, now its a mess at so many levels from management to overselling to litigations, just to name a few!
                    9 days ago 

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