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Dear Experts,

I am a 36 year old married overseas Pakistani working in the Middle East. I plan to shift to Islamabad in a couple of years (2 years). By the way, I grew up in Islamabad so I love the Islamabad life style.

Considering my job type I will be working in some multinational company in Islamabad. So have budget for the following options considering my budget of 1.5+ Crore:

1. Bahria Town Islamabad (Safari Villas III as it’s a gated community)
2. DHA Islamabad II also gated
3. Bahria Enclave Islamabad also gated
4. F-15 or E-16 in Zone II (don't know if gated or not?)

My saving are in foreign currency i.e. dollars so as the dollar rate is very high these days I am thinking of making this purchase very soon. Please advise me regarding the pros and cons of the above mentioned options considering the following important preferences for me:

Maximum Security (gated), less commute to Islamabad for work, fully livable in 2 years from now, high quality living like Bahria Town or Islamabad Zone 1.

Thanks in advance.

    2903 days ago In General Advice
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    Dear Fellows,

    Discussion is getting interesting now. I am just loudly thinking and appreciate if you can share your thouths on this. How do you see the future opportunities and investments? Will it be the same as we have experienced in near past and till now or our ancestors experienced. Like real estate, metal, stocks, currency and bonds or wer need to think in another dimension that may be emerging? Ther is a lot said about financial system is collapsing, capitalism is shaking and predictions are it will melt down soon.

    Politics is already war these days and no more economy, Asia is emerging as new economic centre? Conventional confidence in currencies has gone down, central banks around the world are buying gold and selling their currency reserves to avoid suddent devaluations. Question that comes to my mind is that given this situation if all things will still be the same in terms of investments, opportunites in near future or everything is going to change during our life time? I think there are sings on the horizon of change. Real Assets may still the good to invest or something else? Appreciate your insight.
      2898 days ago 

      Shahmeer Kha..
      (2 posts)
      I would advice you to buy a villa in Emaar Canyon Views Islamabad. It is a gated community plus there is not better quality housing around Islamabad than this.
        2898 days ago 

        (4 posts)

        This is not the case for DHA Islamabad atl east at the moment. I cant comment much about Bahria as I am not in agreement with Malik Riaz strategy of property selling. I have a few friends and relatives living in DHA and there feedback was that they can sleep with there cars outside there homes during the night.

        Secondly a friend of mine who is a property developer is building some houses there. As per him there labour is not allowed to roam around the streets during the night time.

        DHA doubles the security during the night and being a gated communicated they keep in touch with the residents through circulars and stuff to ensure that the residents are aware. The other thing is that no Maid can work in your house without DHA security card. This effectively means that they know the background of the person. The same is true for all the labour and above all your years long personal servants. These are just my only findings that i have gathered over sometime now.

        My best advise to everyone is not to believe anyone and come here and spend sometime in areas of your interest. i am sure that with keeping only two eyes and two ears open you will find everything that no one will be requiring to tell you.
          2898 days ago 

          Syed Ibrhaim
          (1436 posts)
          Dear SR,

          I agree with you the best point is that if you are purchasing a piece of land or investing millions then also invest a few thousands and spent few days in Islamabad. it will clear each and everything
            2897 days ago 

            Israr Khan
            (2 posts)
            Dear Khalid

            You can contact me on my number for further details and advise accordingly.

            Israr Ahmed khan

              2897 days ago 

              (156 posts)

              I agree with you. DHA2 has good security but as far as I know the whole society DHA is not fully gated for people walking on foot like Bahria Town Safari Villas or Meadows.... I know some people in Pakistan might feel happy with DHA2 level security i.e. check point and gated entry for cars... lots of security guards at night.... but fully gated society like Meadows or Safari Villas is a different thing.
                2895 days ago 

                (65 posts)
                My advise if you have such sum of money in dollars then please do not convert it in Pakistani rupees as it is getting devalued against pound dollar euro very fast . If you have such option to settle or oversea then please I will suggest do not invest here as it is not good decision for future.
                  2894 days ago 

                  (156 posts)

                  Yes I agree with you that for the past five years or so dollars has been the best investment... and real estate was in total loss! But the thing is that the way things are going in Pakistan... it feels like even the dollar bank accounts may not be safe... Pakistan may go bankrupt in the near future so that first thing the our govt. Will do it ROB and freeze the dollar or foreign currency bank accounts like they did in 1998. I guess property investment may be a safer investment in these conditions.
                    2893 days ago 

                    (3020 posts)

                    Bohot he afsos ki baat hei. Aap Pakistan ke liyay aisi baat soch rahay ho. Kia hum sub pagal hein ke iss mulq mein apnay paisay zameen khareednay pe laga rahay hein?!?

                    Yaar Pakistan ko kuch nai ho ga inshaAllah. Bohot loag iss ke liyay dua kar rahay hein.

                    Hakoomat badal jaya gi bohot jald aur phir deikhna; doosri taraf amrika jaa raha hei afghanistan se..bohot pressure hei unki apni awaam ka.

                    Aik dafa amrika chala gaya iss ilaaqay se aur yahan apnay khan saab ki hakoomat aa gai (jis ki puri koshish ho rahi hei 23 march ka jalsa deikhna), to deikhna suicide bombings bilkul khatam ho jaen gi inshaAllah. Phir overseas pakistani yaha paisa lagaein gei real estate mein aur bhir stock exchange mein tezi ae gi etc.

                    Aaj jo kanal ka plot 1 crore se kum ka hei... do saal mein 2 crore ka na hua tou jo zardari ki saza wo meri saza...

                    ab Pakistan ke baaray mei ye sub mut kehna warna mein phir bhai nai kahoun ga aur....
                      2893 days ago 

                      (156 posts)
                      Dear Pk1,

                      I like your unrealistic yet patriotic comments but frankly speaking how many Pakistanis who earn halal have the ability or will ever have the ability to buy a kanal plot that you think will be worth 2 crore if Khan saab comes to power. :) I guess the answer would be none from the working class not even GMs of best paying companies in Pakistan, may be a few businessmen but why would these intelligent business men buy 2 crore plot in Pakistan where you have no electricity , no security no law and order , no peace, no good hospitals etc etc and not buy a house for less than 2 crore in Dubai, UK, and other developing countries!
                        2893 days ago 

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