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Dear Experts,

I am a 36 year old married overseas Pakistani working in the Middle East. I plan to shift to Islamabad in a couple of years (2 years). By the way, I grew up in Islamabad so I love the Islamabad life style.

Considering my job type I will be working in some multinational company in Islamabad. So have budget for the following options considering my budget of 1.5+ Crore:

1. Bahria Town Islamabad (Safari Villas III as it’s a gated community)
2. DHA Islamabad II also gated
3. Bahria Enclave Islamabad also gated
4. F-15 or E-16 in Zone II (don't know if gated or not?)

My saving are in foreign currency i.e. dollars so as the dollar rate is very high these days I am thinking of making this purchase very soon. Please advise me regarding the pros and cons of the above mentioned options considering the following important preferences for me:

Maximum Security (gated), less commute to Islamabad for work, fully livable in 2 years from now, high quality living like Bahria Town or Islamabad Zone 1.

Thanks in advance.

    2686 days ago In General Advice
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    Dear Khalid,

    I disagree with your point of view. Many ordinary Pakistanis can buy a plot worth 2 crores in Pakistan. First, it is overseas Pakistanis like you and me who will buy these plots; Secondly, there are Pakistanis who sell their property in old areas like Model Town, Gulberg, Lahore and buy property in new areas because the old areas have become too commercialised; thirdly many people have running shops, showrooms, restaurants, bakeries (the commercial sector) in Pakistan who can afford to buy many 2 crore plots.

    And if Khan saab comes to power, and if he can live up to his promises, we will see a lot of investor confidence restored. People like you and me who are sitting on the fence watching when to go back to Pakistan will return to home sweet home and start a business. The start of business activities will create a REAL demand for electricity. Real demand for electricity means demand by people who can pay for expensive electricity. When that happens, people like Monnoos and Manshas and foreign investors will invest in electricity generation because you and me can pay for it.

    Triggering economic development in Pakistan is not rocket science. All we need is belief in Allah and following Allah's commands and the teachings of Muhammad Rasool Allah SalAllahu Alaihi Waalihi Wasallam. Then the next thing required is getting rid of foreign aid and putting in place some good governance. Khan sb promises both things - Say no to foreign aid and put in place good governance. Lets hope he will deliver inshaAllah.

    Finally, if you and me lose hope in Pakistan then who will work for its improvement? What do we want to leave behind for our kids and their kids? Chaos?
      2675 days ago 

      (1157 posts)
      I'd agree with PK1 to a great extent. We don't suppose to be expats for life long and would love to return as soon as our country becomes safe again.

      And yeah, we have to stand by and not let go of optimism. But at the same time, practically OKhalid's point is valid too. You just can't ignore all these negative factors.

      I would say Prices are unrealistic and real estate is not a good investment option, not only in Pakistan but worldwide. It has seen its boom and historically it comes every 100 years and we just went past it in 2008.

      However, Buying a plot/home for your OWN LIVING is always a good idea.
        2675 days ago 

        (50 posts)
        Is this a good hope/idea/pray that u will get a plot worth of 2 crore after khan's arrival, which are now a days available on 1 crore.

        What will be the economic condition of Pakistan then. How can you say that Pakistan will be more prosperous then today?
          2675 days ago 

          (50 posts)
          @ MBS

          I totally agree with your last comment with an addition of "if you can afford it".
            2675 days ago 

            (65 posts)
            Bro be realistic. It is now not possible to improve economic condition and as well as social. It take almost 2 daces if sincere government take over.

            Dollar Rs 90 Euro Rs 120 GBP Rs 144 now. Imagine after 10 years? Day by day thing getting worse no electricity in country? Gas reserves may end in few years and security concerns ? It's almost 6 years now we living with load shedding

            If you have such amount mean 1.5core in dollars euros I will suggest settle down abroad and then send remittances in Pakistan

            As it is Zameen forum and I should suggest sale purchase but as you living oversea so it is my personal opinion and my personal experience.
              2675 days ago 

              (1157 posts)
              This uncertainty and economic/financial recession is worldwide.
              USA has been facing extreme financial pressures for a long time now, it lost its AAA credit rating by S&P in 2011/Q4 because she had to increase its credit limit to 16 trillion dollars to finance the otherwise bankrupt economy.(Obama had a strong opposition by congress on that)

              Lets talk about European union now: it is struggling to bail out its member countries and may very well disintegrate, Only Germany and France are in relatively better position but they want to cut down the number of member countries as its impossible to fund them anymore, One recent example is Greece who has applied severe austerity measures to avoid bankruptcy but still cant do it.

              Only Qatar and few other GCC countries have booming economies because of their oil/gas reserves and the huge capital inflow from troubled Arab states like Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya and from Pakistan too.

              Unemployment and ever increasing inflation is global. So nobody is perfectly safe and happy, everybody is making it up somehow.

              You can recall Gold price hikes for last years... why is that?
              Because it's the only safe haven for many states and investors. China, India, Thailand and investors made huge purchases of gold and still many others are converting their foreign reserves from currencies like dollar to gold.

              So My point is economic situation is worst around the globe, every currency is depreciating, however, its much worse in case of Pakistan. The only additional challenge with Pakistan is the SECURITY situation, which i hope can quickly improve, if we stop relating everything to Islam and taking extreme stances in the name of Islam.

              Wrapping it up, apart from security, Pakistan is in as bad a situation as the rest of the world.

              Don't abandon it, it's your mother nation!
                2675 days ago 

                (31 posts)
                I do 100% agree with MBS. Whole world and even world's economic as well as financial systems are under in trouble and battling for survival. Nobody knows what will happen next. Let us look into another aspect. It is said this century is of Asia and Pakistan is an important country in Asia. All our troubles may be because we are in focus of world powers right now for their interest in the region. On the other hand Pakistan has already started to follow the policy of look east instead of west and getting closer to China, Turkey, Russia, Iran and other countries. Problem brings the opportunity too. Power shortages on one hand have become the biggest social and economic problem for Pakistan but on the other hand it looks very attractive to investors. In these days you can see news flash Pakistan has become very attractive to investors. Let us be all positive and stay connected. As Pakistanis we are the only ones who matter to Pakistan. As long as we have strong believe as I can see in this forum everyone who is saying against or in favour both have faith and confidence in Pakistan only some are more worried than others. Hope for the best everything will InshAllah be fine soon.
                  2674 days ago 

                  (156 posts)
                  I agree gold has done very well over the past few years... but it's too risky and goes up and down very often so it's not recommended by experts to have more then 10-15% of you assets in gold... yes the whole world is facing financial difficulties but none of them have problems of the level of Pakistan (excluding Libya, Syria etc) but they are small countries and small populations i.e. few millions so they can easily bounce out of their problems in couple of years but Pakistan has a population of 180 million plus! So to create jobs , health care , energy , security for such a big population will take a couple of decades!
                    2674 days ago 

                    (1157 posts)
                    The large population has its merits too... bigger market, cheaper and younger labor and unlimited people to sell your goods from edibles to utilities and accessories.

                    So the big population is also a strength in many ways.

                    By the way, gold has been marvelous in last decade and the forecast is still quite good for next 3 years or until this economic uncertainty lasts. You would hardly bear a loss with gold anyway.
                      2674 days ago 

                      (16 posts)
                      I think advice of Brother Ghulam Haider and Brother Hamad is worth listening.
                      Someone said "you could not reach 'Jannat' until unless you die yourselves."

                      Especially once you belong to Pindi/Islamabad area.

                      Come on leave , go out daily with some near one and meet dealers including our forum friends but decide after a deep study. Homes are purchased or built daily.

                      If you are interested in security much then go for some tower apartment like Mustafa Tower in F-10 and in case of a house G-8 is better than any place because you have a good amount then why to go for new areas?
                        2672 days ago 

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