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Dear Experts,

I am a 36 year old married overseas Pakistani working in the Middle East. I plan to shift to Islamabad in a couple of years (2 years). By the way, I grew up in Islamabad so I love the Islamabad life style.

Considering my job type I will be working in some multinational company in Islamabad. So have budget for the following options considering my budget of 1.5+ Crore:

1. Bahria Town Islamabad (Safari Villas III as it’s a gated community)
2. DHA Islamabad II also gated
3. Bahria Enclave Islamabad also gated
4. F-15 or E-16 in Zone II (don't know if gated or not?)

My saving are in foreign currency i.e. dollars so as the dollar rate is very high these days I am thinking of making this purchase very soon. Please advise me regarding the pros and cons of the above mentioned options considering the following important preferences for me:

Maximum Security (gated), less commute to Islamabad for work, fully livable in 2 years from now, high quality living like Bahria Town or Islamabad Zone 1.

Thanks in advance.

    2659 days ago In General Advice
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    Syed Ibrhaim
    (1436 posts)
    I agree Bajwa our overseas brothers are really depressed about law and order situation in Islamabad and media is playing a great role in it. Thousands of people including me are living in those sectors and we are satisfied.

    Law and order is a big issue, security is a very big issue but the thing is if you are living in Bahria or DHA you have to still come out for shopping jobs education.
      2644 days ago 

      Excelways Co..
      (17 posts)
      I would suggest you G-13. It is fully developed Sector. New Airport at just 10 mints drive and GT Road and motorway at 2-3 mint drives. Ideal for residential and investment, families are already living in this sector.

      It is an ideal Sector for investment/residence mainly due to following reasons

      1. Possession
      2. Developed
      3. CDA / FGEHF sector
      4. Near to Motorway
      5. Near to GT Road
      6. On a half price as compared to G-11 and only 3-4 minutes drive from G-11
        2643 days ago 

        Rehmatullah ..
        (3 posts)
        I buy a plot in Bahria Phase 8 extension. I want to know about the future prospect of this plot. Should I keep it or sell it?
          2641 days ago 

          (156 posts)

          I think your question is highly off topic I guess you should post another question! as no one will see it here. :)
            2641 days ago 

            (3019 posts)
            Khalid saab - six pages are filled up with people giving expert advice to you.... and you still want people to keep advising you more! This is why you are telling Rehmatullah to stay on the topic.

            Sir ji tell you camel to sit in any direction left or right. Aap ka Ount kis rukh baithay ga...ya iss bicharay ko baithnay hi nai daina?
              2641 days ago 

              (156 posts)

              Lol, yes I am very thankful to all the dear members and experts for the excellent advise and suggestions provided on this topic. I am planning to visit Islamabad in the next month to do a physical survey of various housing societies and this advise will guide me a lot. BTW, I was just trying to help Rehmatulla. :) I thought that if he posts a new question then he would have better chance of getting answers. That's all : )
                2640 days ago 

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