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Abdullah Mud..
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Salam everyone,
I recently came across a place that my family really liked. It was located in f-10 but in a cramped neighbourhood with a single lane road. The setup was a bit different from the rest of the sector (looks similar to houses in i-10). The dealer informed me that this house can be procured by registry and not cda transfer.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows what's up with these places. Are they legit?, can one face issues down the road for owning such property?, or is it just not under the jurisdiction of cda and completely legal?

Any helpful information will be immensely appreciated, thanks in advance!

    316 days ago In Buying Process
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    Ammar Khan
    (225 posts)
    In CDA sectors many properties are mix like few houses in same street are registry transfer and some are CDA transfer. Both are legal and CDA issues ownership letter in owners name in both cases so no problem. Registry is done at F-8 Kachehri.
      316 days ago 

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