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Abdul Moeez
( 2 posts )

[19 Answers]
Asalam o alikum all experts, I want to seek your expert guidance on where to invest in Islamabad / Rawalpindi for residential or commercial plot?

My budgets and requirements are as follows:

I can pay up to rs.500,000 as down payments along with up to rs. 200,000 (quarterly installment).

Plots of 5, 8 or 10 marla

This is my life's first property investment, so I want to go for low risk and secure options.

Thank you all in advance for your guidance and kind responses.

    681 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Best Answer
    - Secure (File-based) = NOC + Land Acquired + Ongoing Development

    - Down Payment & Installment = 5 lac & 60k+/month

    - Realistic Size = 5 Marlas (25x50 or 25x45)

    My picks that satisfy the above-mentioned 3 requirements with some +/- factor for premium being asked on files.

    1. CBR-2 (next to I-16 and Thalian Interchange), Total = 15 lac+

    2. Graceland Housing (Main Fateh Jhang Road near new Airport), Total = 19 lac+

    3. Capital Smart City (Chakri Road), Total = 20 lac+

    4. Alharam City (Chakri Road), Total = 10 lac+

    Worth a check on 5 Marla Gulberg Residencia and MPCHS B-17 Block G Files. Not exactly in 5 lac range but close enough (excluding any premium demand)
    Secure & Economic aspects of real estate are mostly inversely proportional, as a file/asset becomes less economical it starts to get more secure (speaking in general terms).

    **Personal Pick subject to corrections, in case some obvious has been missed.
      681 days ago 

      Abdul Qayyum
      (2536 posts)
      Dear Moeez
      Buy 2 plots each 5 marla residential in DHA-3, serene city.
      Take category plots. You will get possession after 25% payment.
      3 years payment plan Down payment: 20 lacs.
      You will buy from DHA office:
      UAN: 111 555 400
      Sale extension: 1137, 1381, 1258, 1244
      In Shaa Allah within 2-3 years, you will get good return.
      These plots are located near GT road and after RRR, prices will rise. Cannot tell how much but never be the same or less than your buyout.
        681 days ago 

        (56 posts)
        Abdul Qayuum Sir,

        Moiz is asking investment options with 5 lakhs downpayment and 70k monthly installment onwards.
          681 days ago 

          (563 posts)
          Don't buy anything that is priced in pak rupees. Buy or keep US dollars. Rupee will devalue more than the price of your investment will appreciate. Thus you will earn more in rupees by keeping dollars, plus that is as safe as can be. My 2 cents.
            681 days ago 

            Zarkon Anwa..
            (254 posts)
            @Abdul Qayyum

            Our Guru is a RIch man and always give an expensive option. We need a Poor man GURU :) :)
              681 days ago 

              Abdul Qayyum
              (2536 posts)
              Sorry Gents!
              Blame my eyesight reading/replying from my mobile!
              Regarding being expensive, I can reply:
              In DHA-2, the less attractive part of it, the old commoners town which was acquired by DHA after development, narrow roads, narrow drain lines, water issues...A 5 marla is hard to find and if your found one....Price is Rs 75 lacs minimum!
              Again sorry for my misread message!
              Moeez SB.
              In you budget some Pindi societies could be suggested but the problem with RDA....
              Today it is legal
              Tomorrow illegal
              Day after again legal......
              Problem is not only RDA side, these tiny societies offering cheap plots, never give what was promised!
                681 days ago 

                Abdul Qayyum
                (2536 posts)
                Imtiaz sb is sure right in his sense but I have been witnessing some of the societies closely for the last at least 2 decades.
                Graceland is on my way to my native place: They took 25 solid years to complete only the main entrance gate. Now files of this 30 years old societies to be bought with a real consideration of their past performance!
                Al-Haram extension is under dispute of chaodries of that area. May be now some parts are cleared but caution must be exercised especially on files, not solid plots!
                Gulberg residentia no doubt could prove better but when it comes to FILES, .........There are full blown villages not ready to vacate to give possession to gulberg. Here plot is thicken!!!
                Gulberg is only good for Green. Residentia solid plots are better of course.
                But files if village areas are dangerous!
                  681 days ago 

                  (2245 posts)
                  True AQ sb! some of the factors for long stagnation are as follow. If we take Graceland and alike projects as an example:

                  - Graceland, Top City, ICHS etc. were initiated long ago (so many cooperative societies share the same fate). Their cashing-out time arrived with or prior to inauguration of the New Airport. Now the value of the area has increased and enough plots have been sold so development work is at quite decent stage. Same goes with lots of of alike societies.

                  Graceland: I guess Sector A, B with possession and construction in progress after electrification and Gas MoU. Other blocks with ongoing development are on installments with later possession. Land is all available with developer, as per their claim. It can take decades to come to real potential for a project and can be developed in a just few yrs, once land is clear. After the take-off, cruise can be faster and smoother.

                  Alharam Extension is never the way to go, at-least for now. I guess some block named Daniyal or Harmain having clear land, beside possessed and constructed area. Construction allowed right at the time of booking 20% approx.

                  On the other end, Phase 8 extension that was once considered as a monster of an investment in terms of growth is now dormant for almost half a decade!
                    681 days ago 

                    Abdul Qayyum
                    (2536 posts)
                    Moeez SB.
                    Imtiaz sb has knowledge much more than me.
                    You can go for files but before you buy filed/certificates, bear in mind that re-mapping is in the making. Normally re-ballot is highly likely after more land is possessed and you never know where your plot will be ultimately located?
                    What I am now suggesting is a solid plot at solid place and to do that, I can suggest you the following as per my little knowledge:
                    With yours hard earned money, you can opt for a solid 5 marla plot with on ground possession in the city of " Fateh Jang" inside the " Baladia" jurisdiction.
                    Being near to the new airport, Fateh Jang is seeing a huge rise in property lately.
                    Also CDA re-zoning is written on the wall and Fateh Jang is the best candidate being located right in the edge of CDA property, IF NOT INSIDE CDA ITSELF.
                    Capital is now going beyond sector 17 in near future!
                    Now in Fateh Jang, societies are being established and some of them with boundary walls and civil amenities.
                    Here you can get a good 5 marla, may be even bigger, plot solid on files and no certificate.
                    I suggest you to visit local dealers and buy a plot there. One of the good societies, Is " Al-Akram" society if I am not wrong on the name spelling!

                      680 days ago 

                      (730 posts)
                      Re-zoning has already been done and new city limits of Islamabad has been marked all over after re-measurements ordered by supreme court. You can see 4 feet BURJEES all over marked by CDA. Anything outside those marking is part of Punjab.
                        680 days ago 

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