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Ali Nouman
( 25 posts )

[5 Answers]
A property dealer is suggesting my father to buy land close to al haram. There is option for both commercial and residential. Commercial means land on main chakri road. It's not a short term investment maybe 10 or 15 years. We might make a house or just some commercial also. Please it will be great if you can share thoughts about this area and any suggestions. Thanks.

    136 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Abdul Qayyum
    (2045 posts)
    Naouman sb.

    Locating yourself near RRR is one thing and having an access to RRR through a flyover/underpass is another!
    Now they are saying business areas all along RRR, if it does not become another Islamabad airport, then I will say Al-Haram or Chakri road investment is advisable. Without any access to RRR, benefits cannot be gained even if you are bedding with RRR 24/7.
    My little knowledge can only advise:
    ...Meet, manage, ask local patwaris about the land acquisition assignments to them.
    ...When draftsmen are seen onsite, manage to get info from them.
    The above stated points are fully helpful if you are after RRR investments.
      136 days ago 

      Zarkon Anwa..
      (120 posts)

      Guru gee we are waiting for your sources on something substantial on the RRR Route & Map.
        136 days ago 

        Abdul Qayyum
        (2045 posts)
        Zarkon sb
        I applied my leave just for that purpose. I myself want to make my retirement investment on RRR.
        The trouble is whenever this RRR seems getting materialized, koee na koee punga ho jata hay and it again zeeros down back to its beginning!
        I know land acquisition started and things are moving but once again " commercial alongside " which were cancelled before, again being worked out.
        Service road which side and entrances on what locations?
        Lot of questions and lot of work to be done.
        Let us see how it goes with my leave amid planned shutdown on my offshore job location!

          136 days ago 

          (1329 posts)
          There are flip sides of investment on Chakri road area:

          A. Without Ring Road:
          The area is rising with lots of development and quite reasonable access from Saddar (mainstream city) to Chakri Road.

          ** Open Land:
          Lots of options available that sound attractive in 2+ yrs from now. However, open land have issues such as avoiding litigations and relying purely on Govt to provide Utility services (Gas, Electricity, Water etc.)

          ** Land in Societies:
          In that area lots of developing projects, I believe Alharam City as things stand now can be a much better option then other far off sites such as BWC, CSC etc. Alharam has NOC, developed, lots of houses constructed and already a success for low cost housing. In my view, developed and possession plots of Alharam City can be a good deal with very economical purchase. Avoid non-developed blocks. Developed blocks are available on installments with construction allowed after 20 odd percent of full payment and priced at 3 to 3.2 lac/Marla. FJWU has its campus almost right next to Alharam City (1 to 1.5 KM between). It will be a big setup once fully operational and when the employees/students/faculty need to rent live, where would they go?

          Yes, you guessed it right...

          B. With Ring Road:

          For RRR biggest Challange (whenever that starts is land acquisition. Remember Margalla Avenue? It's only 9 KM approx and why it got stuck for almost a decade even with some part built ... Yes, CDA unable to construct a small overhead or road diversion (about 500 m) to avoid a grave yard. That's CDA with just 9 KM, in a few sectors and stuck for almost a decade. Here it's RDA with approx 59 KM and starting from Rawat to RWP to ISB. You can do that math... Even a child in that area knows that Govt would need part of that land and prices already inflating even before any formal land acquisition begins.

          Whenever RRR materialises all the area discussed multiple times with Chakri Road as one big beneficiary will have massive boost. Remember it's not the ultimate outcome but the anticipation, development, concrete news that makes real estate of a particular area to rise (same as stock market and impacts of news on that). Just see the most recent example new ISB Airport real estate in that area grew over many years but once the Airport has been operational and some of the road networks operational, it's not the same growth.

          Ring Road and or no Ring Road, Chakri Road area rising. And some well known societies already in process to launch their new Phases in that area. Lots of well known projects already under development there.
            136 days ago 

            Ali Nouman
            (25 posts)
            Thanks Imtiaz Bhai and AQ I will study more about it. Many thanks!
              135 days ago 

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