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Tahir Majeed
( 24 posts )

[9 Answers]
Which blocks are best in top city and mumtaz city for investment as well as living purpose. Dear experts please shed some light with current prices.

    356 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Ubaid Ali
    (74 posts)
    From an investor's point of view, both of these housing schemes have matured and are no longer getting a lot of investment. Residentially speaking, these projects are okay enough.
      351 days ago 

      (12 posts)
      PECHS IS THE TOP SPOT NOW.The prices are one third of Mumtaz and Top City and hughe money can be made here.PECHS is located next to MUMTAZ City
        351 days ago 

        Tahir Majeed
        (24 posts)
        What are the reates in PECHS of possession able plots?
          349 days ago 

          Sarco Estate..
          (46 posts)
          Both societies have bright future, price increase will be observed by the passage of time, residential for both have demand in the market. They are expected the best location of the area. Direct access to Kashmir Highway, M1,M2. Good future
            342 days ago 

            Abid Iqbal
            (33 posts)
            When we compare Top City and Mumtaz City, Top City is on the upper hand because of the following:

            1. Top City has total area of almost 9000 + kanals and Mumtaz has almost 3300 Kanals.

            2. Secondly Lay out of top is Superb, in Blocks B & C only 1 kanal plots and in Block A & D only 10 Marla plots, which makes it more attractive because in Mumtaz city there is mixture of 4Marla, 5 Malra 6 Marla 7 Marla and almost 9 marla.

            3. Top City is more green as compared to Mumtaz City, its Horticulture work is the best, Top City has zoo as well.

            4. Also recently Petrol pump NOC also issued, Hascol going to start there.Till date more construction started in Top City as compared to Mumtaz city.

            Please feel free to ask if you have any query
              338 days ago 

              (85 posts)
              I do not understand why a people would be interested in Investment far flung near to airport.who travels that frequently .Not to mention the distance from down town is approximately 40km++ ( Saddar , GT road , fauji foundation.)

              In other part of the world people avoid living near airports due to risk factor and 24/7 noise pollution.
                338 days ago 

                Tahir Majeed
                (24 posts)
                At this time top city not good for investment because of condition of stamp duty charges and is only for genuine buyers who want to build house and live there. But life will be active there after 4 to 5 years as no markets, schools, hospitals and public transport there at the moment.
                  336 days ago 

                  (124 posts)
                  What is meant by stamp duty charges?

                  Plz explain this and how much are these charges?
                    336 days ago 

                    Tahir Majeed
                    (24 posts)
                    As i have learnt during my search of plot in top city, if you purchase a plot then you have to pay charges before transfer of plot which is equal to almost 180-190 thousand for 10 marla. Plus you have to pay taxes Plus commission of estate agent. Hence additional cost of approx. 250,000 you have to pay along with land cost. If you do a deal of 52,00,000 of 10 marla in D block of top city, it will cost you 54,50,000.
                      335 days ago 

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