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[16 Answers]
Do you recommend putting money in University Town? Is it safe (I know it is private) and profitable in 1-2 yrs? The plot is quite cheap, 1 lac/Marla.

Thank you

    2466 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (836 posts)
    I have been on their website,after hearing the name in the forums,not much convinced though as cant find any approval reg or noc link from their website,i wonder if some one has a better knowledge
      2466 days ago 

      (229 posts)
      From their website

      "Noc has issued by RDA: RDA/MP & Te/SS rank - PHS - 43/1873"
        2466 days ago 

        (3020 posts)
        It is a bit long term otherwise good. When access to Islamabad is better, it will give good profit.

        *I am not an expert on this society but have seen it.
          2466 days ago 

          Anti Deviler..
          (39 posts)
          1.Development is pathetic

          2.Access is bigggggggg problem.
            2466 days ago 

            (2512 posts)
            I won't recommend it at all, don't get trapped by the low pricing.
              2466 days ago 

              (228 posts)
              Its good society for genuine buyers for personal living due to its location but it might take long when nearby area is populated in 10 plus years.

              However, as Dr.Musi mentioned it is legal society and NOC has been granted from RDA.You can check RDA website regarding University Town developed by Khyber Housing Society.

              Its not beneficial for short term investment purpose.
                2466 days ago 

                (4459 posts)
                Not recommended..
                  2466 days ago 

                  (110 posts)
                  This is good society location wise plus price wise for long term investment.. A block 5 marla possession plot is around 6 lack. Society have been delivered possession to A block..
                    2465 days ago 

                    (143 posts)
                    I heard they might get connected to motorway . Is it true?? if yes then don't u think its prices would sky rocket. I saw only the A block and it looks very nice..any update on the prices there for one kanal or 10 marla??
                      2450 days ago 

                      Usman HAssan
                      (193 posts)
                      I think the prices in UT is almost the same as you find at open land where there is no society. So in this respect, if you are getting a plot, in any society it is good. Moreover if you go for A block, you can start your house immediately. If you go for B or D blocks, they are about to be handed over in 6 to 12 months. I mean where in the world can you find a possession 1 kanal plot for 1.5 million. Yes files or papers one can get. UT is ofcourse not like Bahria where they can charge 4.5 million for 5 marla plot and do not give a map even. The access is a problem and once that is resolved, the price will sky rocket, atleast from what they are now.
                        2449 days ago 

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