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Muhammad Khu..
( 1 post )

[3 Answers]
I have around rs. 3 million, and want to invest for 1-2 years, which is the best place in islamabad for this investment?

B-17, e-17 or dha phase 2 extension?

    737 days ago In Want To Buy
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    (76 posts)
    B-17 is the best from above mention options.But if you want possession 5 marla good location plot in b-17 it will be around 3.4 to 4 million.
      736 days ago 

      Muhammad Soh..
      (46 posts)
      Dear Mr Muhammad Khurram

      I would suggest you to go for B-17.

      Please Find the reasons why i am suggesting.

      Most of the sectors are developed and the rate is yet very much under control.

      Infrastructure and all the basic facilities are already available.

      This project on the GT road has no comparison in development standards.

      People from wah and Taxilla prefer this location for the residence because of the development standards.

      Despite a 30 minutes journey from G 9 but because of very good rates the places serves as on of the best option for investment.
        736 days ago 

        Ali Haider
        (16 posts)
        Invest in commercial plots as there ROI is 30% to 40% yearly while residential property ROI is 10% to 15%. Invest in MONTVIRO. Best Security plans for your mall and 5 star hotel rooms available.

        Contact for details 03325131050
          723 days ago 

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