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[7 Answers]
Salam. I need some help figuring out where i can buy property in islamabad. Some points to keep in mind:

1. My budget is around 15 million to 20 million

2. I work in islamabad, so would prefer something within easy commuting distance

3. Another option is that i rent in islamabad, and give out the upper and lower portions on rent in the new property.

4. I am inclined towards houses, not apartments, as they seem like good long term investments to me.

5. We are a small family so 5-10 marla is enough for us.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

    278 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Dear Waleed,

    First of all you are very right not going for apartments. It will not be the right choice in your circumstances.

    I recommend you not to go for a ready to move home but to construct your own house on the plot. It will give you more peace of mind in future as well as you will save some money as well.

    As far as the options are concerned please consider:

    1- I-14 (commute time is less to reach anywhere in ISB/RWP)

    2- Bahria Enclave (Lifestyle + reasonable distance from CBD)

    3- Bahria Town Phase 7,8 (Lifestyle + Far away from CBD)

    4- I-9 / I-10 / G-10 / G-8 (central location + old constructions + poor street sizes)


      278 days ago 

      (34 posts)
      Thank you Khalid sb. I do have a plot in I-12, but not sure when that will materialize into something. Bahria Enclave does sound like the best option in this scenario, though I do wish they had a better entrance/approach...
        275 days ago 

        (570 posts)
        I-12 sounds like the better option in current scenario, please keep it for 1-2 years and you will get in sha ALLAH a handsome return.

        Bahria Enclave enjoys a good location considering the commute time to the main city.

        The access is not that great but once Park Enclave develops the overall area will get the boost and the neighborhood will get better. Obviously it will take few years but still it is better than DHA and Bahria Phase 8 which is far away from the main hub.
          275 days ago 

          Syed Raza
          (44 posts)
          Off course bahria enclave
            270 days ago 

            (43 posts)
            In this budget, you have the following options as per my knowledge.

            1) 4 Marla house in G-14/4 or G-13 (Location is good + cda sector)

            2) 7 marla house in Bahria enclave (lifestyle is good)

            3) Construct a 7 marla house in Gulberg Islamabad (Location is good)

            4) 5 or 7 marla house in i-14 ( Cda sector )
              269 days ago 

              Sajjad Ahmed
              (31 posts)
              In PECHS you can buy house for 1 crore only and it will double in value
                267 days ago 

                (570 posts)
                One crore house will double in value how and when?
                  267 days ago 

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