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Mohammed N
( 2 posts )

[4 Answers]
Asalamu alaikum,

Pray that you are all well.
I'm interested in investing in some plots, but am a little confused as to which would be the most reliable investment with best long term growth potential...With there being so many options available, i dont want to choose the wrong one and lose everything.

Could anyone please advise on what are the most reliable projects (current and upcoming)?

    1083 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Abdul Rahman..
    (29 posts)
    Hi, what's your budget?
      1079 days ago 

      Mohsin Raza
      (9 posts)
      Dear, the most appropriate way is to invest in up coming projects. I have recently invested a huge amount in a project near new international air port islamabad. I will also suggest you to find some up coming projects because these projects require less investment and offer huge return.
        1079 days ago 

        (2034 posts)
        Dear Mohsin,

        can you please share where did you made the investment? I can help and motivate other members too.

          1079 days ago 

          Ahsan Iqbal
          (11 posts)
          In DHA Phase 9 (prism and town) - 5 marla.

          Park Avenue Housing Society- 5 marla and 10 Marla.

          Bahria Orchard - 5 marla

          I would also suggest you to invest in Gwadar in Gwadar Central secured by EasyPaisa and insured by efu life insurance you can buy commercial property here

          All of these are marketing their profucts for expatriates and also safe and secure investment

          For further information feel free to contact:

          0303 877 1592

            1075 days ago 

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