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Rashid Mehmo..
( 10 posts )

[49 Answers]
Assalam o alaikum experts,

I have an investment of Rs. 70 lac. I want to invest for best possible ROI within 3 years. Please give your expert opinion on:

- what to buy?

- where to buy? (i.e. City, society, block)

Thanks a lot

Especially looking to hear from

- Br. Nadeem sahb

- Br. Abdul Qudus sahb

- Br. Imtiaz sahb

- Br. Isloo sahb

- All other respected members

    13 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Zarkon Anwa..
    (251 posts)
    I am doing same working and following can be further explored by you...

    1- 10 marla ADC in airport green garden. There is a recent correction in prices so its a buying time.

    2- D-18, ECHS ,you can have a kanal plot and it will definitely appreciate due to Margalla Avenue & RRR. Price increase will be slow but certain.

    3-B-17 ~ 10 marla plot... But a good research is required aa prices have recently increased there. It will alao benefit from MA & RRR.
      11 days ago 

      Rashid Mehmo..
      (10 posts)
      Thanks @Zarkaon Anwar...I've noted your guidance and will explore it further
        11 days ago 

        (611 posts)
        Dear Bro,

        If the investment is done only for taking better returns not for future living then:

        1- I-15,I-16,I-12,E-12 CDA SECTORS

        2- DHA 3 (EX SCERNE CITY Sector A and B)

        3- DHA 5 (Developed sectors / blocks)

        4- Gulberg Residencia (Developed and possession blocks)

        5- G-14/1 AND 2 (FGEHA SECTOR)

        If the investment is needed to be made for future living in mind with reasonable appreciation in prices:

        1- Bahria Enclave Islamabad (Developed area only)

        2- Gulberg Residencia (Developed area only)

        3- Bahria Town Phase 8 (Developed area only)

        4- B-17 (A,B and C only)

        All the quoted options are much secure and on ground. Avoid dreams set by dealers with a hope that after a year the area will explode. DO NOT trust that. Possession and Developed areas only should be chosen.
          11 days ago 

          Rashid Mehmo..
          (10 posts)
          Thanks @Khalid bhai for the detailed guidance and I have definitely noted it. I've all the intention to follow the guidance of you brothers here and hence considering only the solid options with possessions and development as you said.
            11 days ago 

            (2156 posts)
            Rashid sb, here is what I would had done with 70+/-

            Following Combination with 1 from each. Listing Order as in Priority!

            Group I (1 from here)
            -- I-16/4 or 15/1/2
            --Enclave Sector I (near to Civic Zone and bound to rise)
            -- Gulberg Residencia T, V (this will cross 50 Lakh Mark)

            Group B (1 from here)
            -- Top City or Mumtaz City or Green Garden*
            -- Islamabad Model Town (5 Marla Possession)
            -- BT P8 (I say out of Safari Valley) do check Rose Garden?

            * Green Garden looks good but old bookings have high premiums so that needs careful consideration.

            Lahore Smart City Overseas 5 Marla. After NOC premium on old bookings on a rise but still worth a consideration as an investment is low but it will for sure grow in this year!

            Best Wishes for your investments!
              11 days ago 

              Rashid Mehmo..
              (10 posts)
              Thanks @Imtiaz bhai for your expert guidance as expected. As an overseas Pakistani, I am also seeking further guidance on how to choose a good location plot and how to deal with the real estate agents (especially when you cannot verify anything on ground being abroad and has to rely on their stories)? Finding the direct sales by owner is hard, isn't it?
                11 days ago 

                (2156 posts)
                Direct Deal is rare as buyer most probabaly cannot live with the hassle of multiple visits to their estate sometimes multiple occasions in same day + managing docs like NDC etc. for transfer. So they list there estate with the agent.

                Fairest of the fair agent may help with quoting fair price and take his commission to ensure face to face (buyer and seller though very rare).

                Best is to buy when you are in PAK and importantly after personal visit of the estate you would like to buy! Position on map may seem very attractive but in ground may show a different view ...

                Never ever fall for dealer saying 'Sir banday ko paisa chahiyee urgent sastay main sale ker Raha ha aap uthaa lain'. If it will be sastaa by any means the dealer will grab at at his own even if he has to sell his soul to buy that sastaa plot.

                I am not generalising it 100/100 times as I have a few friends in this business and very geniunely upright people but majority loves to play it dirty ...
                  11 days ago 

                  (219 posts)
                  All above suggestions are good, but only go for possession and developed plots.
                    11 days ago 

                    (2156 posts)
                    Yes, agree in totality if one can afford go only for possesions.

                    In general:

                    Someone with minimal amount can only invest in (theoritically) secure files with minimal investment and exist at right time with 100% gains in some instances!

                    In many cases people may not have financial resources to go for possesions but selecting the project and right time to enter/exit can give good returns!

                    CSC pre-launch commercial (2018), a classical example.
                      11 days ago 

                      Abdul Qayyum
                      (2488 posts)
                      In DHA-5, still 10 marla partially developed plots available in your budget.
                      Apart from the good options from learned members, this 10 marla will also give good returns, probably one of the best option.
                      Problem with DHA-5 is that they develop one section partly and then move immediately to another section while leaving the work in hand.
                      DHA-5 is appreciating like anything.
                        10 days ago 

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