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[3 Answers]
Currently tc/mc and pechs is good for investment and most of the plots bought by investors.But when genuine buyers starts buying plots they want to live there.
When will these areas become populated and who will live too far from islamabad/rpindi.How long this will take?

    2696 days ago In Where to Buy
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    It depends on when fateh jang airport becomes fully operational. Our nation love to live near airport may be because better roads. If airport starts function in 2016-2017 which looks very difficult then close by societies will be populated around 2020.
      2696 days ago 

      (641 posts)
      Dear bro... A couple of years back ...islamabad was restricted to blue area and body thought of its extension till same is the case with many other societies and places. Top city . MC and various other societies in the vicinity of airport will be in high demand as soon as airport gets functional. MOREOVER, with the increase of population, deteriorating security situation in KPK and karachi, demand of housing societies is going to further increase in isb/ rwp and so , the prices will also increase.
        2696 days ago 

        (610 posts)
        Bluedoctor ISB was already divided in different zones. Primary people more focused on zone-1 then comes the era of zone-5 with strong developers in the area like Bahria and DHA. Zone -3 got some attention with bani gala fame but eventually it dropped.

        Now is the era of ZONE-2 my friends.

          2696 days ago 

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