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Qaisar Iqbal
( 5 posts )

[6 Answers]

I want to build an house in behria town phase 8 abu bakr block. There are 18 rcc piles an rest of the piles are pcc approx 24 piles depth upto solid strata approx 16m with dia 15inch.

What will be approx cost for excavation, piling , rafting and grey structure (labour rate only).

I need contractor rates for above work.

Jazak allah

    572 days ago In Building Contractors
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    (1486 posts)
    Dear Qaiser Sb,

    We can give you complete design and execution services at one place and if you are interested pls contact us for further discussion.

    Looking forward

    Team dSA

      571 days ago 

      Saleem Satta..
      (2 posts)
      Did you get the contractor?
        562 days ago 

        Qaisar Iqbal
        (5 posts)
        Nope not yet, I didn't find out proper financial estimate.My budget is limited i want to build only structure
          560 days ago 

          Danish Broth..
          (234 posts)
          Grey structure cost is Rs.325/sft (labour rate). Following works are included in grey structure:

          Footings/raft, walls, columns, beams, roof slabs, under ground & overhead water tanks, septic tanks, stairs,DPC/ water proofing of foundations, Anti termite treatment,screed concrete on top roof, sewerage & sanitary works, laying water supply pipes, gas supply pipes, fixing door frames(chokhats),Laying conduits in walls & slabs, fixing back boxes in walls plaster.

          Danish, 03465107561
            554 days ago 

            A M Abbasi
            (318 posts)
            Please share the map with us and we will give exact estimate. Labour rate is 325 to 350 depending upon which type of work at your house.
              552 days ago 

              Abdul Wahab
              (196 posts)
              Hello Mr. Qaisar

              If you need with material construction cost than you can send me drawings so we can give you detail rates of your grey structure.

              To get info regarding rates and how to reduce cost you can visit our office for consultation.

              Ar. Wahab
              Arch Five Architects
                549 days ago 

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