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Aatif nawab
( 1 post )

[4 Answers]
Dear members,
I am planning to build a house in safari valley phase 8 and looking for a reliable, trustworthy contractor who have completed some projects in bahria. Please recomend

    325 days ago In Building Contractors
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    Gemcon Engin..
    (14 posts)
    Hi Aatif,

    You can contact us as we are expert in Residential construction. Please Whatsapp 0303-5410444 for details.


    Gemcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd

    Fb: @gemcon.eng
      320 days ago 

      Royal Stone
      (50 posts)
      Assalam o alikum,

      Dear Aatif

      We are a construction company and our Rates are as under,

      A+ = RS 4200 - 4500 /sqft

      A = RS 3500 - 3800 /sqft

      B = Rs 2800 - 3000 /sqft

      Only Structure cost is about

      Rs 1500 - 2000 per /sqft

      Construction cost of Structure with good material is almost same for all categories because we should avoid cost cutting on structure otherwise whole building will be a scrape, Categories can be seen in finishing work for example, for A+ we use imported sanitary fittings,imported Tiles, high quality wood work, for A we use best local fittings and doors, for B normal quality is use. Rate of Imported Material and Local best has a huge cost difference,

      Contact with Confidence,


      Royal Stone (Pvt) Ltd.

      Contact or WhatsApp 03215500035
        302 days ago 

        (1486 posts)
        @ Atif

        We can give you design and construction services at one place.

        If interested please contact us for further discussions.


        Team dSA

          300 days ago 

          Ijaz Alvi
          (46 posts)
          Please call and visit our completed projects in Bahria phase 8 ,we will provide you with best services for house construction .

          Builders Square

          0343 5038861
            295 days ago 

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