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[6 Answers]

What would be actual construction cost of 7 marla double story house in abu bakar block, phase 8?

Layout detail:
Bedroom: 4
Bathroom: 4
Kitchen: 2

I.E a house like that: http://www.Zameen.Com/property/defence__dha__dha_phase_5_mazhar_munir_designed_10_marla_beautiful_bungalow_for_sale-631250-1447-1.Html

    2391 days ago In Construction Cost
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    (1114 posts)
    A+ construction starts from Rs.1800 to 2000 per sqft on turn key basis.

    If you go for labor rate than its around 250 to 300 per sqft,This is where you provide your own material and can save up to 15% of the total cost.

    In laymans terms the grey structure will cost between 25 lacs to 28 lacs and the finishing if its A+ that would be an extra 18 to 22 lacs ......
      2391 days ago 

      (1468 posts)
      Dear Waseem,

      Grey structure cost will be Rs.1200 to 1500/sq ft if you will higher quality contractor.

      Finishes can be Rs.2200 to no limit depends on your own budget and desires.

      All depends on design and site actual conditions.

        2391 days ago 

        Hamza Asif
        (829 posts)

        It depends upon the layout. If you have any layout then send it to us for final price list. If there is not any plan then we can also provide you lay out design and cost of complete project. You may call us or send us PM with your contact number and email for detailed information.

          2390 days ago 

          (74 posts)
          I think It's good for contractor to link their projects finished on web, so people can see your work before contacting you. It's good for the contractor as well as for the customer who is looking for good contractor. I have seen many A+ category houses build by Mazhr Munir but I not got his any web sit. If some one know his web link please share. Thanks
            2390 days ago 

            Hamza Asif
            (829 posts)
            @ Mr. Shahid

            I have shared the link in last answer as you said that we have to show results then you can see our projects as sample by visiting and
              2390 days ago 

              (134 posts)
              Dear Waseem

              I at Clare builders pvt. Ltd. Represent a team of professional construction people.

              Average construction in phase 8 Bharia town would cost you around Rs. 1750 - 1800 per sq. Ft.

              And there is no upper limit to it

              we are currently doing some project in Rafi block phase 8 Bharia Town

              You can come and visit the project to see the quality of our work.

              It would be our pleasure to assist you in any way possible

              please feel free to contact us at

              tel: 0300-0666602



              9 minutes ago
                2377 days ago 

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