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[8 Answers]
I want to know if any one has recently completed construction of his home?Then how was his experience with the contractor? Can share contractor number who has completed his tasks efficiently n timely without disturbing mind of owner

    1573 days ago In Building Contractors
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    Sajid abbas
    (29 posts)


    works on labor rate

    290 per sq ft
      1570 days ago 

      Hamza Asif
      (829 posts)
      You can visit for a reputable contractor. You will find good professionals at this place and will be really helpful to construct your dream home in a nice way by calling at 042-36655262.
        1568 days ago 

        Saif Khan
        (24 posts)
        It is a construction company having name Royal Stone (Pvt) Limited. Rates are good and they do quality work. 03215500035
          1553 days ago 

          Home Constru..
          (335 posts)
          Planet Builders and Interiors is a well-established construction company operating by the team of dedicated and experienced architects, B.SC Civil engineers and professional staff.

          We can provide you the feedback by our clients, who's work we have successfully be done in past with appriciations.

          Bsc Civil Engineer (Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council) will ensure the safety measures, the quality of material & work, and 100% practical implimentation of architecture drawings and engineering standards as well.

          We are also providing Turnkey services as per your need, proposals with complete information will be forward for these pakeges upon your inquairy.

          Please contact us for further details and meeting with your good self soon.


          Planet Builders.

          Gmail ID:

          Facebook: "Planet Builders".

          M. Azhar Khan



          Hafiz Umar Khan

          B.Sc. Civil Engineer

            1553 days ago 

            (11 posts)
            Dear Hamid,

            Your construction home site in which city?

            Thanks & Regards,

            Zayad Mohsin



            Mohsin & Sons Construction

              1552 days ago 

              (7 posts)
              If you are present in Lahore. Must Contact Fida Builders.I have done one of my home in Central Park Housing Lahore. Very renown in Central Park Housing Society and Grand Avenues Housing. Experience with them was good and friendly.

              I can share his contact number 0321-4337294.

              Before finalizing your option you must check with them once. Good Luck.
                1550 days ago 

                (87 posts)
                I have to construct in islamabad
                  1548 days ago 

                  Royal Stone
                  (50 posts)
                  We (Royal Stone Private Limited) are a construction company. Contact (Message or call) us on the following number for a meeting. We will not disappoint you. Thanks 03215500035. Our offices are in Rawalpindi and behria Town.
                    1548 days ago 

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