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Omar Malik
( 1 post )

[5 Answers]

What shall be the construction cost of commercial plaza on 5 marla , basement + 4 story .

1) grey structure cost
2) finished cost

How many shops , offices and apartment it can accommodate with optimum design. Would like to build with the glass elevation mostly from the front.

Normally it is without the lift .

Any particular quote with per floor cost.


    522 days ago In Construction Cost
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    AHS Engineer..
    (12 posts)
    AHS Engineers & Contractors offers contracting services on a wide variety of projects. We are fully entitled for Design, Turnkey design project, Contract Managers and Construction contracts.

    For a commercial project, the structure design play vital role in cost , if you are interested,

    we can provide you design and Gray structure . Roughly a structure carrying Basement + 4, cost ranging 1,800 per S.ft but this is budgetary cost. Firm cost only possible after complete design.

    For any further assistance you may contact or 0300-4276728

      522 days ago 

      (1462 posts)
      We can give you design and execution at one place.

      if interested contact us for further discussions.


      Team dSA

        522 days ago 

        Home Constru..
        (334 posts)
        Planet Builders and interiors is well established company all work under the consultancy of BS.c Civil Engineer Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

        And also providing the designing facilities.

        For more details plz. Visit Our facebook page.

        Further information:

        Engineer Umer khan

        (BSc Civil Engineer)


          515 days ago 

          Muhammad Has..
          (27 posts)

          General rate for basement is Rs 2000/sqft.

          Remaining floors rate are Rs 1350/sqft for grey structure.

          Finishing will depend on your requirement staring from approx Rs 2000/sqft.

          Exact rate will come out after analyzing the structural drawings.

          We have already built up various houses and commercial projects in Lahore.

          Plz visit or call 0300 4747646


          Muhammad Hassaan Ijaz

            506 days ago 

            Danish Broth..
            (229 posts)
            Dear Mr. Omar,

            The Cost depends on structural drawings and finishing cost depends on what type of finishing you like to used in your plaza.

            Send us your working drawings so we can give you our Quotation with detailed Estimated cost.


            Danish Brothers construction professionals

            Email :

            cell : +92346-5107561
              504 days ago 

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