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Muhammad Aij..
( 24 posts )

[6 Answers]
Asslamu alykum

How much it would cost me if i construct a 9 marla godown.

Front 40' x length 49'-6"

Foundation 6 foot
Floor to ceiling height 14 foot
2 or 4 pillars in the center

    1729 days ago In Building Contractors
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    Hamza Asif
    (829 posts)

    We have a wide range of design and material for your home. Rates depend upon your selection of material etc. Kindly send us your contact details at or call on 042-36655262 so that we could discuss in details. You can see our work by visiting
      1728 days ago 

      Danish Broth..
      (234 posts)
      Send me your email address i shall send you plan of godown & estimated cost according to the plan

        1724 days ago 

        (1466 posts)
        It can be Rs.1500/sq ft to Rs.1750/sq ft depends on structure


        We can give you design and construction services at one place.



          1722 days ago 

          Abdul Wahab
          (196 posts)
          Hello Mr. Ijaz

          Cost of godown as per your specification start from 1300/sft. Please send me complete detail Height, type of slab, type of construction, so we can provide you best rates. For queries please contact me through my cell number or email us.

          Kind Regards,

          Ar. Wahab

          Arch Five Architects


            1721 days ago 

            (233 posts)
            Dear Baig Sb,

            Our company have large scale in industrial structure.

            Our prices are below

            Complete frame structure building with pre-cast roof slab is l8 lac Pkr

            Complete frame structure building with rcc roof slab is 25 lac

            Details of work,

            Excavation,earth fillings, rcc coloum,roof,brick work,interior and exterior plaster,hard course floor, roof treatment

            For more contact us Muzafar mirza

            0300 8626291
              1719 days ago 

              Beta Pipes
              (10 posts)
              Shafisons Engineering (Private) Limited (SSEPL) created ripples in the field of Engineering Plastics in year 1994 by launching of brand, “BETA PIPES”. Our business activities are focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of plastic pipe systems and solutions.

              At Shafisons Engineering (Private) Limited, we aim to be the most valuable solution provider of plastic pipe systems, unrivalled in terms of quality, reliability, affordability, availability, technical innovation and customer satisfaction”.

              Our entire management is committed to the motto of “Service and Quality” where customer driven approach is demonstrated by providing excellent products and services which are result of constant improvement and innovation at the highest quality level. We feel proud to revolutionise the pipe industry in Pakistan by introducing plastic materials replacing traditional metallic and concrete systems. At SSEPL, we manufacture multiple pipe systems for various applications mainly utilising three different materials, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPRC) and High Density Polyethylene (PE-100). Our product range covers PVC-U and PE-100 Pressure pipes for cold potable water supply applications, PVC-U Electrical conduit system, PVC-U Soil, Waste & Vent (SWV) pipes and fittings, PPRC pipes and fittings for above-ground hot and cold water supply applications. Our ‘Customer Care’ department offers a variety of services including technical support, design proposals and estimates, customized tools and techniques which are to be followed up by regular feedback in order to enhance the customer satisfaction and user experience.

              Shafisons Engineering Pvt. Ltd has its head office and manufacturing plant located in Lahore with a regional office in Islamabad backed by strong national retail and distribution network. Our involvement at conceptual phase of projects with engineering consultancy organizations further facilitates clients identify solutions that achieve the best long term results.

              At Shafisons Engineering Pvt. Ltd, the market is segmented into Infrastructure, Sanitary, Agriculture, Electrical & Communication solutions comprising of both above and below ground pipe systems. Our partners are building and civil wholesalers, plumbing retailers, civil contractors, housing developers, large installers, utility companies and municipalities.

              Our most important asset is professional work-force, which has played a pivotal role in turning dreams into realities by sheer hard work, team-working and constant focus on delivering services internally and externally to harness core competences, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

              Beta Pipes

              37 P Model Town Lahore+92-42-35172409

                1718 days ago 

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