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Fahim Ashraf
( 3 posts )

[7 Answers]
What is latest construction cost split (% cost of grey structure & % cost of finishing) for a premium and standard construction in islamabad.

    1333 days ago In Construction Cost
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    (1448 posts)
    Grey Structure Rs.1350./sft to 1550/sq ft depends on design and actual site conditions.

    A grade finishes Starts Rs.2200/sq ft to no limit depends on finishes you select.



      1333 days ago 

      (28 posts)
      For A grade finish it is 60-65% Structure and 35-40% Finishing


      Waqar Saeed

        1333 days ago 

        Hamza Asif
        (830 posts)
        Construction and grey work cost depends upon quality of material and design that you select for your dream home. We have a wide range in it and would like to work for you. If you are interested then kindly send us your contact details at or call on 042-36655262 for more information.

          1333 days ago 

          Home Constru..
          (328 posts)
          Planet Builders and Interiors is a well-established construction company operating by the team of dedicated and experienced architects, B.SC Civil engineers and professional staff.

          We are pleased to offer you the best possible prices of quality work. A+ Grey Structures rate Rs. 1350 per Sqft covered area (Negotiatable).

          Basement cost will be 1550 per Sqft.

          We are also providing Turnkey services as per your need, proposals with complete information will be forward for these pakeges upon your inquairy.

          Please send me your mail I'D, I will send you 4 pakages of grey structure and 4 pakeges of finishing with complete detail.

          Hoping for further comunication and meeting with your good self soon.


          M. Azhar Khan



          Hafiz Umar Khan

          B.Sc. Civil Engineer

          Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

            1325 days ago 

            (1115 posts)

            Rs 1150 per sqft for A+ Grey Structure... Finishing starts from Rs800 per sqft.
              1325 days ago 

              Fahim Ashraf
              (3 posts)
              Thnx all its really helpful . Mr Azhar of Planet Build pls do send me options on my email
                1324 days ago 

                Ali Rathore ..
                (22 posts)
                Grey Structure Rs.1200./sft to 1450/sq ft depends on design and actual site conditions.

                A grade finishes Starts Rs.2050/sq ft to no limit depends on finishes you select.

                More Detail Please Contact.


                Sheikh Bilal.
                  1313 days ago 

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