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Construction Cost questions and answers. All your Construction Cost questions answered by our experts and thousands of other members. Get professional Construction Cost answers to your questions. Get started by asking a new Construction Cost question now.
M. Khatri
( 1 post )

[5 Answers]
What is the current cost per sqft for basement construction and ground + first floor.

Grey with plaster, and finishing costs.

    24 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Home Constru..
    (322 posts)
    Planet Builders and interiors is well established company all work under the consultancy of BS.c Civil Engineer Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

    And also providing the designing facilities.

    For more details plz. Visit Our facebook page.

    Further information:

    Engineer Umer khan

    (BSc Civil Engineer)


      21 days ago 

      (2 posts)
      We at the TPEC(the plaster expert company) are charging the lowest plaster rate in twin cities.

      We charge 15rs/sft and we are capable of doing plaster of whole house in just one day as we do plaster by machine which saves time and prevents wastage of mortar.
        15 days ago 

        (1426 posts)
        We can give you design and EXW ution at one place.

        If interested pls contact for further discussions.

        Looking forward

        Team dSA

          13 days ago 

          Shakeel Anju..
          (1 post)
          We are providing wide range of reliable solutions/services in which we offers civil & architectural solutions, exterior & interior design, residential remodeling, renovation solutions includes (flooring, sanitary, electrification, masonry, woodwork, front design change, steel works & others).

          Grey Structure, Boundary wall, safety grills, septic tank, water tank & termite proofing.

          Complete finish on turn-key basis.

          With Material & Labour Rate
          Shakeel Anjum
            5 days ago 

            A&S Design W..
            (25 posts)
            Dear Mr Khatri,

            The construction cost is highly dependent on architectural design and structural can contact me at for all the engineering and consultancy requirements.


            Engr. Sikander Riaz

            Architectural & Structural Design Works
              3 days ago 

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