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Construction Cost questions and answers. All your Construction Cost questions answered by our experts and thousands of other members. Get professional Construction Cost answers to your questions. Get started by asking a new Construction Cost question now.
Abdul Rehman..
( 1 post )

[8 Answers]
Aoa , what will be the minimum total construction cost for 1 kanal plot 4500 sq ft in dha lahore .

1- gray structure cost

2- complete ready house cost


    538 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Home Constru..
    (334 posts)
    Planet Builders and interiors is well established company all work under the consultancy of BS.c Civil Engineer Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

    And also providing the designing facilities.

    For more details plz. Visit Our facebook page.

    Further information:

    Engineer Umer khan

    (BSc Civil Engineer)


      538 days ago 

      A&S Design W..
      (28 posts)
      Dear Abdul Rehman,

      As the total cost of home depends on many factors. It is highly depend on the type of the home that you want to construct.I advised you to please make contact with me at for the design and all consultancy services regarding construction of your project.


      Team Architectural and Structural Design Works.
        538 days ago 

        Abdul Wahab
        (196 posts)
        Hello Mr. Abdul Rehman

        We provide design and construction services under one roof. For your house construction 4500 sft will cost you 95 lacs minimum for full finish and for grey structure it will cost you around 55 lacs. For more detail, please contact me through my cell number or visit our office.


        Ar. Wahab

        Arch Five Architects

          537 days ago 

          Shahzada Fai..
          (10 posts)

          You are asking the minimum cost! But you need to be aware that materials used and work force used can be so terrible that it will shatter your dream home. My advise is not to fall into a trap that will end up costing you far more and extra headache.

          For a Good quality grey structure you will pay around 1400 -1800 SQ Ft And fr a good quality finish turnkey you will pay around 3,000-4500 rupees sq ft

          If you need further information then contact Shahzada Faisal Ali


          I will be happy to give you free valuable advise
            534 days ago 

            (1456 posts)
            We can give you design and execution at one place.,

            If you are interested contact us.


            Team dSA

              532 days ago 

              Khawaja Adee..
              (6 posts)
              It depends on the complete drawings. Approximate cost is Rs 1200-1500 /sqft for grey structure and finishing will depend on your choice. Get in touch for further details. You can visit our website to know about our company .


              Muhammad Hassaan Ijaz

              0300 4747646
                532 days ago 

                Shoaib Rehma..
                (2 posts)
                The Grey Structure will Cost you 1650/sqft.

                For Complete Quotation Contact Us

                Elevation Home Builder


                Contact : 0337-1425677
                  529 days ago 

                  Hassan Hamid
                  (3 posts)
                  Cost of construction in Lahore will depend on many factors such as the drawings, number of floors and types of materials used. These days in Lahore you can find contractors for construction ranging from Rs 1000/sqft to Rs 1800/sqft, which is for the grey structure of the house.

                  Finishing part of the house totally depends on the owner as there is no limit in that department of construction. The final cost will depend on all the materials used. Usually, the A grade finishing will cost around Rs 1000 - 2000/sqft excluding the grey structure cost.

                  Grey structure: Rs. 1000 - 1800/sqft

                  Grey structure with finishing (A-grade): Rs 2000 - 3000/sqft

                  For more details


                  Square Feet PK
                    527 days ago 

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