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Construction Cost questions and answers. All your Construction Cost questions answered by our experts and thousands of other members. Get professional Construction Cost answers to your questions. Get started by asking a new Construction Cost question now.
Mirza Taimoo..
( 2 posts )

[5 Answers]
Hello, i plan to construct a single story house on my 12 marla plot in bahria town phase 8 rwp. I would like to know what would be an estimate cost of grey structure + finishing of the single story house. Also, i have heard alot about bahria town design wing. I would like to know about their work quality + time for designing and approval of map. Thankyou.

    73 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Muhammad Has..
    (4 posts)

    Pride Engineering Co Pvt LTD is always here to accomplish your dream home.

    1. Grey structure price per sqft

    Rs 1100-1500 per sqft.

    (With material)

    2. Turnkey prices per sqft.

    Rs. 2700- 4500 per sqft

    3. Finishing price per sqft.

    Rs 1400-2600 per sqft

    (Depends on quality)

    For any further queries feel free to contact us any time.


    Muhammad Hassan Abbas.

      71 days ago 

      Mirza Taimoo..
      (2 posts)
      Thanks Muhammad Hassan for the feedback. What about Map design, it's time for approval and the design cost?
        70 days ago 

        Hassan ulhaq
        (2 posts)

        Oriental business house (pvt) ltd is a construction and other 360 services based company that specializes in trading and construction of residential as well as commercial properties.

        We would be 24/7 ready and glad to help you in constructing your house within record breaking times!

        estimates of grey structure / furnished houses can vary from quality to quality and from time to time due to which providing an accurate estimate can be quite challenging!

        one of our projects is under construction in gulberg greens these days and has reached to 70% completion (second floor lintel) within 5 months besides the covid-19 situation that caused a lockdown and a delay in time

        you can always contact us at my personal mobile number i.e +923365051799

        we can also set an appointment to meet in which we can give you a tour of our projects etc!
          70 days ago 

          Hamza Akram
          (3 posts)

          i am currently working in phase 8 Rawalpindi on a project

          Cost for grey construction will b around 1600 sft with Material of ur choice

          Map /design will take you around 1.5 months before you can start working on ur plot.

          Most importantly as You are only constructing one story so cost will be different as Foundation cost is divided on Both of stories


          Muhammad Hamza

            70 days ago 

            Royal Stone
            (46 posts)
            Assalam o alikum,

            As You are planning to build a house in BT phase 8. You have to select a map or design from the given maps by the Bahria Town design center. Soil test is important before start the building, because if soil is loosely compacted then in the foundation you have to use more steel, otherwise structure may develop cracks.

            We are a construction company, you can contact us on the following contact details.


            WhatsApp 03215500035.


            Royal Stone(Pvt) Ltd.

            Asif Malik
              63 days ago 

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