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Shaheen Perv..
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[2 Answers]
Hi everyone,

I recently bought a 36 x 75 plot in new city phase-2 wah cantt, my plot is level not filling, i want to build double story house, 1st floor for rent and ground floor for myself.

Can anyone brother help me out for the construction cost of this house with good standard material?

Please also define how we measure the covered area e.G. 36 x 75 = 2700 sq ft. But construction area should be less then it as my understanding, we have to left some space for paths and parking, loan etc.

Please advice me.

Also if give me a complete cost breakup of individual work (structure to finishing).

Hope here i will get a good solution in shaa allah.

Best regards,

    469 days ago In Construction Cost
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    A&S Design W..
    (31 posts)
    Dear Mr Parvez,

    Construction cost is depend on your architectural design.regarding covered area it is mentioned in the bye laws of developing authority where you want to build home.

    You can contact me at for designing and costing consultancy.


    Engr Sikander Riaz

    Architectural And Structural Design Works.
      468 days ago 

      (1468 posts)
      We can give you design and execution at one place.

      If interested pls contact for further discussions.

      Looking forward.

      Team dSA

        468 days ago 

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