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Farooq Ahmad..
( 10 posts )

[10 Answers]
Dear Viewers & Experts, Asalam-o-likum,

I am sharing my newly build villa project videos, kindly give your value able suggestions, so that i may add in my next one canal villa.

Please watch on YOUTUBE and give your feedback,

How to Build Foundation of Villa (Step by Step Tutorial Part 1 of 4)

New Foundation Video (Marking upto PCC)

    1493 days ago In Building Contractors
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    Imran A. Kha..
    (461 posts)
    Best Answer
    Finally, someone on this forum sharing something valuable. Appreciate it, Farooq Ahmad Sb.
      1484 days ago 

      Farooq Ahmad..
      (10 posts)
      Construction of Villa (10 Marlas = 3,200 covered area) Foundation Completion Target 3 weeks &1 week for Plaster etc Total = 4 weeks [Part-1 of 2]

      Description Unit Qty Rate T. Expenses

      Labour 3,200 ft x 45= 144,000

      Bricks 12 Trollies x 19,000 = 228,000

      Cement 150 Bags x 500 =75,000

      Crush 800 ft x 38 = 30,400

      Bitumen 9 Drum x 1,200 = 10,800

      Services 1 Month x 30,000 = 30,000 on Monthly basis

      Steel 375 kg x 85 = 31,875

      Sand 8 Trollies x 2,200 = 17,600 Standard Tractor trolley

      Soil 50 Trollies x 1,200 = 60,000 Standard Tractor trolley

      GT =627,675 {196 Rs. Per Sq.ft cost}

      FOUNDATION Videos of 10 MARLA House is available at youtube, soon I will upload Ground Floor Videos with actual expenses, Appreciate your suggestions Best wishes,,
        1485 days ago 

        (155 posts)
        Thanks for sharing, keep them coming please
          1485 days ago 

          (32 posts)
          Great initiative sir. Please add commentary in future videos if possible.
            1485 days ago 

            (35 posts)
            Great job Farooq Bhai, keep it up please....

            I should say a very honest and informative thinking ALLAH give you reward for it and help you to complete your project within your timeline with ease and success... Ameen.

            Please also share the location details as well so we can get the idea about current market price trend.

            only saying as I am also thinking to start mine at Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Phase 8

            Jazak ALLAH Khair
              1485 days ago 

              Farooq Ahmad..
              (10 posts)

              Many Thanks to

              Mr. Arif Sahib,

              Mr. Pakola Sahib,


              Mr. M.S.Sahib,

              for your value-able suggestions and appreciations,,

              Location: BUCH VILLAS (known as Gold Land) - MULTAN,

              Insha Allah, Next week I will upload Videos and pic. Of Second Stage on Youtube with Expenses Analysis, important Agreement details and Construction Flow Diagram with Steps...

              My Best wishes to all of you and especially to ZAMEEN Admin. For providing us a wonderful Place.

                1485 days ago 

                Prop Guide
                (6961 posts)
                Great effort Farooq Sb. Much appreciated.
                  1485 days ago 

                  As U wish
                  (362 posts)
                  Very informative and brave step on this forum

                  Thanks farooq Bhai
                    1484 days ago 

                    Farooq Ahmad..
                    (10 posts)

                    Dear Mr. Khan, Mr.Imran A. Khan and As U wish, for your kind appreciations & support,

                    My Best Wishes,

                      1484 days ago 

                      Farooq Ahmad..
                      (10 posts)
                      Dear Readers & Experts,

                      Please watch NEW Video on YOUTUBE and give me your suggestions,

                      New Foundation Video (Marking upto PCC)



                      Best wishes,Farooq
                        1473 days ago 

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