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[2 Answers]
I need a contractor for constructing a soakage pit and septic tank on labor rates.For drawings and sharing ur rates whatsapp me on 03329459469

    987 days ago In Building Contractors
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    Tigher Jutt
    (5 posts)
    Pre Engineered Buildings,Storage Tanks,Bill Boards,Polls,Steel Struct.

    We Deal in Industrial, Governmental, private and commercial Allied Fabrication and Construction: As follows: Pre-Engineered buildings Tanks Storage(Burial & Semi burial) Pressure Vessels Street Poles, Designed Poles, Truss towers, Wapda Truss Poles, Octagaonal/hexagonal towers. Bill Boards/ Advertisement boards Porta Cabins Process machines( Hydraulic/mechanical winches, stone crushers, tough paver machines) Pre-Cast, concrete, and brick construction. Form Work. For any query or for any business discussion please call

    Aleem Sattar

    Contact number; +923218401768 ;+923218771689
      964 days ago 

      Ijaz Alvi
      (46 posts)
      We make your Dream house project possible by providing you with best construction rates and services

      Make the right choice and Call us for free estimation

      0343 5038861

      Builder Square
        957 days ago 

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