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[4 Answers]
Can some of the senior members guide about what should be the approximate unit cost of getting a 50 feet wide, 300 meters long road recarpeted? The road already exists but due to non repair, it is in bad shape. We want to give it a good finishing with road markings etc. Thank you.

    1546 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Danish Broth..
    (229 posts)
    Kindly let me know the location of road . We can provide you topclass finished asphalted road
      1546 days ago 

      Kashif Sheik..
      (604 posts)
      Although I am not a civil engineer but I have worked at an organization that undertook road construction routinely. Your question is not easy to answer because there are a few other details which will need to be taken into account. For example, what is the exact state of the existing road, the thickness of asphalt layering you require and what other "etc" would you need.

      So to add my assumptions, assuming your existing road needs minimum leveling with a few potholes here and there, a 2 inch thickness asphalt carpeting could be possible @ Rs 400-500 per square meter approximately.

      You will need to negotiate the actual rate with your contractor according to your exact specifications. If you are new to this task I would suggest you hire services of an experienced free lance civil engineer as a consultant to oversee the work. Many engineers working with govt departments e.g. PWD, NHA, CDA provide these services to make some extra bucks.
        1546 days ago 

        AHS Engineer..
        (12 posts)
        This is very much related to the status of existing road. As this is very small piece of road, I am sure existing must be TST (triple Surface treatment) road.

        Now if you willing good class carpeted road, it will cost too much as the road making machine's transportation will too high for smaller scope. Now a day, very high strength paver are available, that will give nice and smooth finish and surely you can get nice marking on those concrete pavers. You only need good class base and sub-base, in your case this is already available in shape of existing road which is well settle for excel load.

        Other option if any company working nearby your area, they may do this task on comparatively economical cost.
          1546 days ago 

          Danish Broth..
          (229 posts)
          The area of your road is approx.50000 sft.The cost of 2" thick asphalt (compacted) @ Rs.95/sft will be Rs.4750000

          Cost includes providing & laying 2" thick asphalt using bitumen 60/70 & 100/80 grades

          Levelling, grading & compacting with heavy machinery

          Road marking

          We offer our services for this work at competitive rate

          We are experienced civil work contractors & Engineers


          Engr. Muhammad Shafqat

            1541 days ago 

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