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Steel questions and answers. All your Steel questions answered by our experts and thousands of other members. Get professional Steel answers to your questions. Get started by asking a new Steel question now.
Jawad Hassan
( 8 posts )

[7 Answers]
Hi, i am confused as whether to use fazal steel or nomee steel in the construction of my 500 yds house having basement + 2 floors? I am constructing house in sector d12, islamabad.


    2061 days ago In Steel
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    Danish Broth..
    (234 posts)
    Fazal steel is better than nomee steel thuogh Fazal steel is expensive than nomee steel.generally we check steel by performing following tests of steel in a reputable laboratory;

    Compressive strength of steel

    Bend test

    Weight per unit length or dia of steel

    Chemical test on steel

    Engineer Muhammad Shafqat

      2060 days ago 

      (50 posts)
      In my opinion nome steel of hattar industries is better because it has full gauge , required weight per length is ok

      , brand mark printed on steel bars.

      It has less price then Fazal steel (about a difference of 7 to 8 thousands per ton) which counts a lot. I didn't feel any problem in mildness during steel bar bending.

      This is my personal opinion based on my Practical experiences.
        2052 days ago 

        (47 posts)
        AOA sir ,

        you are talking about to far ends sir . No comparison at all . Fazal is far better . Get a lab test done and u will know
          2049 days ago 

          Baber Rabban..
          (1628 posts)
          No steel re-rolling mill is better than Fazal. I used Fazal steel in my home but I regret my decision as it was better to use normal steel and save some money.

          Ittehad steel is better in value against money.
            2048 days ago 

            (47 posts)
            Agreed with B.R Malik
              2046 days ago 

              (50 posts)
              Bhai if u r getting acceptable mildness with full guage then why one should pay extra with considerable difference . I was totally talking about domestic use. I m not challenging the quality offered by Fazal steel, but stating the practicality . And if u r going to construct a plaza or commercial my vote will be for Fazal steel too.
                2045 days ago 

                (47 posts)
                Check CSR mill . Had a good experience with them.

                normally i use ITTEHAD
                  2045 days ago 

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