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[7 Answers]
Aoa bhaiyo!

I need some guidance from the more knowledgeable members here regarding house construction.
I plan on building the house shown below. Its covered area is 3000 sq ft and has 4 beds. I already have a plot in bhara kahu which is 1 kanal.

I need to know the approximate cost of construction. Please guide. Thank you.

    245 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Home Constru..
    (306 posts)
    Planet Builders and interiors is well established company all work under the consultancy of BS.c Civil Engineer Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

    And also providing the designing facilities.

    For more details plz. Visit Our facebook page.

    Further information:

    Engineer Umer khan

    (BSc Civil Engineer)


      243 days ago 

      (134 posts)
      Dear AA,
      I am representing Estrada Construction Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a construction company with extensive experience , foreign qualified management and skilled labour.

      the design that you have given is for double story. and covered area that you have mentioned ( 3000 sq.ft) on one kanal is for single story. so i am sure your desired covered area and desired design don't match up.
      construction cost for such design would be around PKR 2500-2800 per sq.ft depending upon structural drawings , layout and finishing material.

      We have carried out many residential and commercial project in Islamabad, Punjab and KPK.

      For further information please feel free to contact us on


      or vist our website

        242 days ago 

        (134 posts)
          242 days ago 

          Ijaz Alvi
          (36 posts)
          Hi there !

          Hope All good with you and your family

          We have come with best affordable construction rate for houses in Islamabad and close areas ,If you are still looking for construction company in Islamabad we are here to help you

          Feel free to contact us

          0343 5038861
            237 days ago 

            Abdul Wahab
            (1 post)
            For map advice feel free to contact us, we can help out you in map designing and construction as well.


            Ar. Wahab

            Arch Five Architects


              236 days ago 

              Probiz real ..
              (40 posts)
              Grey structure (construction till plaster works)=1500 per sqft

              3000sqft x 1500 sqft= 45 lac

              A grade Turnkey (complete a to z construction with all fittings)

              3000 sqft x 3000rs per sqft= 90 lac

              PROBIZ CONSTRUCTION- 03165186889
                227 days ago 

                Muhammad Nae..
                (13 posts)
                If you manage it your self , it would be around Rs. 2000/- Per Sq ft for a good finish. Contractors would charge you Around 2300 to 2500
                  223 days ago 

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