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M Akram
( 1 post )

[6 Answers]
I am looking to build a 12.5 marla house and would like to have house map/naqsha for the house.
If any one can refer me to someone or give a quote will be good.
I am overseas

    1337 days ago In Architects
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    (1426 posts)
    We can give you design and working drawings with construction services at once place.

    If you are interested please contact us.



      1337 days ago 

      Danish Broth..
      (218 posts)
      Dear Mr. Akram

      Kindly send your plot size in format AxB (frontxdepth) at our email address .I shall send you different options (proposals)


      danish brothers

      mob. 03225017254
        1337 days ago 

        Abdul Wahab
        (187 posts)
        Hello M Akram

        We provide design solutions to our clients. We are graduated architects from NCA provide design layouts (naqsha) with complete working drawing sets, 3D views and consultancy. We also provide turn key solutions (Design + Construction). For details and queries please contact me through my cell number or e-mail us.

        Kind Regards,

        Ar. Wahab

        Arch Five Architects


          1337 days ago 

          Tipu Sultan
          (9 posts)

          We provide complete construction services & turnkey solutions for homes,

          plazas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

          We also deal in buying / selling of Properties.

          Feel free to contact us:

          Tipu Sultan

          Cell: 03455776610


          Your Trusted Partner:

          MEPCON Builders & Developers

          MEPCON Properties
            1336 days ago 

            Hamza Asif
            (830 posts)
            We have a wide range of designs for you. If you need our services then send us your contact details at or call on 042-36655262. You can see our work by visiting

            We have done many big projects for overseas and would likr to provide you our best services too.
              1335 days ago 

              Mehmood ul H..
              (18 posts)
              Please visit to see the home designing and interior decor services.
                1332 days ago 

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