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Tahir Azeem ..
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Asalam walikum!!! Im a newbie here ... I hope everyone at this forum is in good health and shape. Actually i have recently developed a sort of liking to understand the different dynamics of construction in pakistan. Previously i had no interest in how homes are being constructed due to which im a sort of illiterate when it comes to construction. Now im here to sort out guidance from experts. Can anyone suggest me a video or some detailed guide for constructions of homes in pakistan or peshawar. I will be gladful.

    1521 days ago In Architects
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    First You need to know how many sq/ft house you want to

    built for example 2500 sq/ft or 3500 Sq/ft (covered area)

    so initial consultation with an architect is important

    who looking upon your needs will determine how many sq/ft

    house you need? once its decided how many sq/ft you need

    then you can post that and get bids on it typically it

    should be around 2200 to 3500 rupees per square foot or more depending on what finishes you like again determined by your architect once you tell him how expensive material you want to use in bathrooms and kitchen. But to get an accurate bid you need to provide building plans based on that contractors give you bids. Hope its helpful.
      1517 days ago 

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