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Construction Cost questions and answers. All your Construction Cost questions answered by our experts and thousands of other members. Get professional Construction Cost answers to your questions. Get started by asking a new Construction Cost question now.
Omer Emran
( 2 posts )

[7 Answers]
How much do you think i need to spend on renovation of an old 1 kanal house in dha [planning to buy one for my own use]. I would like to get rough estimates on the following:
1. At least 3 washrooms [complete renovation, with new tiles - mid range fittings, no grohe and definitely not cheap local ones]
2. Wooden flooring of lounge, dining area and perhaps 1 bedroom.
3. Replacing all window grills with glass windows.
4. Maybe some structural changes [taking down one or two walls to extend lounge area etc.].
5. Full kitchen replacement [0.8 - 0.9 million?].
6. Replacing all electrical fittings [switch panel boards and fancy lights]
7. Full exterior an interior paint job.

I need to get a drift on whether spending 3-4 million would actually get me somewhere or not?


    1063 days ago In Construction Cost
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    (1487 posts)
    It can be from Rs.1000/sq ft to no limit depends on your finishes you select.

    We can give you design and execution at one place.

    If interested contact us.


    Team dSA

      1062 days ago 

      Home Constru..
      (335 posts)
      Planet Builders and interiors is well established company all work under the consultancy of BS.c Civil Engineer Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

      And also providing the designing facilities.

      For more details plz. Visit Our facebook page.

      Further information:

      Engineer Umer khan

      (BSc Civil Engineer)


        1062 days ago 

        Faheem Raza
        (35 posts)
        We deals in all kinds of construction

        House construction

        House renovation

        Villa construction

        Commercial building

        Interior design

        Finishing work

        Structure work

        As per requirement from clients

        Without material

        With material

        All types of working party available for construction work





        False ceiling

        A.c technician

        Aluminum & glass work

        Faheem Raza (Civil Engineer)


        AL-Reza Builder (Pvt) LTD

        Commercial Riverview Bahria town phase 7 Rawalpindi
          1059 days ago 

          Muhammad Has..
          (27 posts)

          We are an experienced company building houses. The exact cost of the renovation depends on your choice of material. Please get in touch in order to give you the quote.


          Muhammad Hassaan Ijaz

          0300 4747646
            1057 days ago 

            Ar. Bangash
            (33 posts)
            The Best Option would be,

            To have a Visit of an Architect along with Structure Engineer.

            They can better Guide You by visiting the Site Physically.

            To be Honest, Nobody can give you Even a Rough Idea without a Visit.
              1056 days ago 

              (26 posts)
              We are providing construction & renovation service in Rawalpindi/islamabad at lowest possible rate

              Full - trained team

              For more info contact

                1047 days ago 

                Probiz real ..
                (40 posts)
                According to your requirements you would need a budget of around 6.5 lac this is just a rough estimate anything under this is a bonus. Always remember to add 20% extra on your budget as sometimes unexpected costs do occur.

                Bluekey property construction

                0316 5186889

                Bahria town phase 7 commercial

                You may call me to arrange a visit at my office to discuss further or we can send our experienced estimator to measure the rooms and give you a quote
                  1040 days ago 

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