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Adil adil
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A.O.A is it possible and safe to place large 12 feet pool having weight of almost 4000 kg when filled on our third floor terrace. Our house is 5 marla house and on third floor there is one water permanent tank and two rooms but the rooms and the water tank all have supporting walls while the terrace is supported by two pillars constructed on terrace of second floor and supporting the terrace of third floor. We have constructed our house in mid 1990's. We have used 6x6 inches iron mesh which was used to build strongest rcc floors at that time.

    352 days ago In Other Building Materials
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    Royal Stone
    (50 posts)
    Assalam o alikum

    Building strength can be determined after visiting the site, If pillars are good in size and slab strength is as good as 6 inches and have 6x6 iron mesh then it is safe to build the Pool.

    For any query contact on following Whats-app numbers or e-mail.

    Royal Stone (Pvt) Ltd.

    Whats-App 03215500035
      341 days ago 

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