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[3 Answers]
What is the price per pc for 1x1 ft lawn tile I need to know the starting price and max. price, I am not in Pakistan so will be finalizing from abroad getting price will be great help for me to deal with this contractor. Total area for tiling is 2880sf and he is asking for rs 300000
Please advise.

Thanks all

    2644 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Ahsen Khan
    (190 posts)
    Hi Sajid,
    Brother i think you need to mention that of which material you require your lawn tiles. They come in ceramic or marble and sandstone is quite popular these days. Maybe it would help if you specify.
      2644 days ago 

      (33 posts)
      Dear Ahsen,

      Thanks a lot for your quick reply actually contractor said tile will be a type of gas brick type I have called him now and he said it is the same type which used to be gas brick but finishing is good, I am not really sure what is that if you have some info. Kindly share .

      Thanks again
        2644 days ago 

        (47 posts)
        Aoa ,

        i am a contractor and i can provide you with the rate of tiles used in laws and exteriors ,

        don't know why contractors spoil our name by doing such things and create a negative image man . Never mind , coming to the point

        if he is using concrete wizard tiles its almost 35-40 per square feet and the fitting rate of a good labor is from 18-22 per square feet .
        Even if you apply the best (concrete wizard) the cost would not surely exceed 160k-190k . Theses are the best tiles for exterior available in market .

        if going for any other under brand name like master sonex etc they are cheaper

        if you can provide me with a simple picture of the tile i can tell you its exact rate

        Atif Pasha
          2631 days ago 

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