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Rafay Sethi
( 1 post )

[3 Answers]
I am planning to construct my house in bahria town phase 7. After soil testing the depth is 20ft, can anybody tell me the cost needed t build one pile i.E 25ft of 1ft diameter?
Total number of piles are 28 for 40*75 plot size.

    140 days ago In Construction Cost
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    A M Abbasi
    (288 posts)
    Good day Rafay,

    to give you the bigger picture it will take you extra 12-15 lac (10 M )this cost include piling , 12" base , retaining walls. Now specific question to piling there are different rates for piling.

    1. Piling by machine it has per foot rate

    2. Steel structure used in piling

    3. Material used in Piling for creating a mixture(Cement,Sand,Bajri)

    4.Cost of labour for bhrai.

    If you need details of house construction my Engineer can give you the free consultation explaining you step by step guide of construction.

    Contact: 03348975732

      140 days ago 

      Danish Broth..
      (229 posts)
      Dear Mr. Rafey,

      Piling by machine including labour 1 feet dia will cost you around

      650/Rft. Per pile. 28 piles with 25 feet depth will cost you approximately 455,000


      Danish Brothers construction professionals

        136 days ago 

        (84 posts)
        Dear Mr Rafay Sethi Saheb


        HOMESCON Pvt Ltd offers Complete Range of Construction & Renovation Services at Bahria Town & DHAs Rawalpindi - Islamabad

        Piling Cost

        Boring 12 inch Diameter - Rs 150 per rft

        Steel - Please share Drawing on our whatsapp No 03352766000 for exact calculation.... Generally it is 3 kgs/ rft

        Concrete 1+2+4 ==== 1.57 cft per rft approx cost Rs 300 / rft

        Our Rates per sqft of Covered Area

        Grey Structure + Finishing

        B 1295/- + 1095 = 2390/-

        A 1395/- + 1295 = 2690/-

        A+ 1595/- + 1995 = 3590/-

        For details, plz contact us

        Please feel free to visit us


        Spring North, Bahria Town Rawalpindi

        +92 308 9114 000 Call

        +92 335 2766 000 Whatsapp
          134 days ago 

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