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Atif Khan
( 3 posts )

[10 Answers]
Hi friends,

I have bought a 5 marla single storey house which i am planning to renovate. I have narrowed down the tasks to below list. I would appreciate if anyone can suggest me the approximate costing for these tasks.

2 bedrooms are around 12x12 in size.
2 bathrooms are around 5x7 in size.
Kitchen is around 6x8 in size.
Mumty is very small and its just a stair case with no room.

1. Paint job for all rooms, bathrooms, backyard, mumty and roof
2. Floor polish/buff for complete ground floor.
3. False ceiling in tv/lounge (just an average border work)
4. Complete renovation of bathrooms with new fittings and tiles.
5. Complete renovation of kitchen with cabinets and cooking range appliances.
6. Marble and steel work on stair case.
7. Electrical and little bit of plumbing work.
8. Cleaning of underground and overhead water tank. (fiber tank is placed on roof so that wont be a big task).
9. Fancy lights installation in all rooms.

    2640 days ago In Construction Cost
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    (6 posts)
    Salam brother

    Approx cost 6-7 lac all work fully guaranteed for 3 years
    Total break down of cost available

    We would need to know the sizes of roof and back yards etc. Also what kind of kitchen cabinets required example-built from start or ready made.

    So price may vary- I am sure you will understand it difficult for us or any company to give you an exact price without visiting your property but I have given you an expected cost.

    We have a simple but honest and very effective pricing structure which works out for both the customer and us.

    Apart from materiel which is either supplied by customer or by us (if we supply we basically pay for at and give you the invoice and you pay us what ever we pay, our aim is to get the best and the cheapest rate as we want our customer to save money. If you can get some things cheaper than ours, we would be more than happy to know so we can save future customers' money.

    We basically charge you labor charges and between 16-20% overall fee.

    So you pay for for what you use.

    Example: It takes 2 painters 4 weeks to paint your whole house so you pay their monthly salary x number of staff 11000*2=22000 plus 20%(4400)=26400 for whole house.

    We don't see the point in taking longer on jobs as it makes no sense to us as a company so we rather finish job of sooner and move to another one as makes financially sense for us.

    This saves our time and money and more importantly the customers'.

    Companies charge by sq ft etc but we like to be transparent in all we do this way there no hidden charges of course there may be a day over or under but we give you a completion date for every task and we try our up most our best to meet the targets or beat the target saving the customer money

    Our main priority is customer satisfaction

    Finally on every job we have one person in charge on site that is always there if you have any issues -we are a complete contractor so we can have all task like painting plumbing and electrics at the same time

    We are a UK based company in Pakistan we build renovate property for overseas clients

    If interested reply with your email address name and contact number if possible.

    Allah hafiz

      2639 days ago 

      (228 posts)
      Dear ali, do you build new houses. What's sq ft cost and can you give me contact.
        2639 days ago 

        (243 posts)
        Atif it is better for you to let ali or any other renovator see the house first because no one can give u an exact estimate of the work you want in your house. Its all your requirement actually what quality you want.
          2639 days ago 

          Atif Khan
          (3 posts)
          Dear ali,

          Thanks for explanation. Please share your contact details so that i may engage your company for assessment.
            2639 days ago 

            (6 posts)
            Dear shakeel

            Yes we do build houses-mainly for overseas clients
            The reason for this is most of them prefer our pricing structure
            As i said we do not give prices per sq ft each client has different exceptions and standards of construction so we give individual prices.

            Regardless of how big or small our client is looking to build or how rich or not so rich you they may be we have one pricing structure for all which i have briefly mentioned above

            Basically this is how we work:

            1 site visit is the first step(taking picture etc)
            2 come into our office to fill out a spec form meaning what your looking for,standard completion date etc
            3. We sit with our team to decide if we can make this work or not
            4. If so we sign contacts

            We charge you cost price for all labor charges + 16-20% over all cost

            This way there no hidden charges
            If it takes 4 staff 8 weeks to construct the house-you pay 8 x monthly wages(this is all in our contract cost per person
            If we or you have to get a specialist in for say fitting a jacuzzi or make a special stair case -we give you the price they charge us + you pay the 16-20% charge on the other hand if you use your own contractor we still bill you the 16-20% as we will make sure it done right and we will provide you with a guarantee but this is all agreed from the start

            All our work guarantee for 3 years(certificate given)
            Any cracks any leakage we be more than happy to fix as we strive on customer satisfaction with out any hassle

            Material is straight forward:if you supply materiel we will check to see if it is up to standard-if we supply materiel we give you the invoice on how much we paid you pay us that back
            Most clients like to mix and so do we as this way it saves money for you
            We have no reason to pay extra for materiel or to over charge clients for materiel
            We love to get it cheaper for you giving you the saving

            You have one point of contact with one person of our team

            Can i ask where about are you looking to build

            We are opening a new shop in lahore soon
            Are expanding rapidly

            Hope this helps
              2637 days ago 

              (1 post)
              Hi ali , are you constructing houses in bahria enclave islamabad? What will be the estamite cost for constructing double story house in bei. Thank you
                2631 days ago 

                Atif Khan
                (3 posts)
                Ali.. It would help if we can contact you through phone. Share your contact number kindly.
                  2631 days ago 

                  (134 posts)
                  Hi atif,
                  Where is this property located?

                  My name is arslan muhammad and i am representing clare builders pvt. Ltd. If you are looking to build a house or renovate , i might be able to help you with this.

                  Please feel free to check out our website www.Clarebuilders.Com
                  Or call on 03000666602
                  Thank you
                    2624 days ago 

                    Shehryar Qur..
                    (150 posts)
                    There is another builder who can help you younis builders, you can call them at 03014885621
                      2624 days ago 

                      (228 posts)
                      As mentioned above two builders:
                      1.Clare builders
                      2.Younis builders
                      Do they provide 3 year warrenty same as "ali builders" providing in above statement.
                        2624 days ago 

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