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Abdullah Man..
( 24 posts )

[6 Answers]
Dear experts,

I am planning to built a house, I just know nothing about house building. Don't know where to start from... Giving the wholesome contract with material to a constructor or building term by term... Building a house so... Where to start cost/materials/timelines/details.

Need your expert option.

    2179 days ago In Construction Cost
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    Real Estate ..
    (1046 posts)

    brother you can give construction contract to the constructor but buy him material yourself. There would be a hassle in buying the material, but it would be good for you.

    zain Nadeem
      2179 days ago 

      Ahsen Khan
      (190 posts)
      Yes giving contract to a constructor is better than hiring workers for yourself as they waste too much time.
        2179 days ago 

        (1115 posts)
        Give the contract to a contractor without material is the best option
          2179 days ago 

          (1451 posts)
          WE can offer you in the both ways if you want with or without material but we can give you best construction services with quality material in very competitive rates.

          We also give you 50% discount on design and all kind of drawings.

          If you are interested please contact us


            2179 days ago 

            Abdullah Man..
            (24 posts)
            Thank you Experts,and DSA sure..will contact you as soon as i would start...
              2179 days ago 

              (2512 posts)
              Make a contract, where are you planning to build a house ? If it is in Islamabad, i can help you with my contractor.
                2178 days ago 

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